Did you follow the news that moved the market during the week? Quiz test – 11/25/2022 – Market

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Brazilians behind hopscotch

The debut of the Brazilian team against Serbia this Thursday (24), the eve of Black Friday, boosted demand for hopscotch shirts.

  • At the national leader in e-commerce, Mercado Livre, the product was the most searched for on Tuesday (22), ahead of cell phones (second most searched item), notebooks (in fourth place) and fans (fifth).
  • The product is also on Amazon’s bestseller list, which is updated hourly. This Wednesday, around 1 pm, the official shirt of the national team was the eighth best-selling product on the Brazilian version of the site. The advance in 24 hours was 1,174%.
  • At Magazine Luiza, the selection’s shirt is among the five most sought after products on the marketplace. According to Magalu, demand has grown 72% this Wednesday (23) compared to a week ago.

Nobody deserves the delay. In addition to hopscotch, another item has seen an explosion in consumer demand in recent days: digital antennas.

  • While more and more people were leaving TV aside to adopt streaming transmissions, merchants in the central region of São Paulo noticed an increase in demand for antennas this week.
  • The objective was to avoid the disgrace of hearing your neighbor celebrate the goal when the ball is still in midfield on your TV.
  • This happens because in broadcasting via open TV, the signal goes straight from the station to the viewer’s home, in waves that navigate through the air and encounter few barriers.
  • Through the internet or cable TV, the waves go through a few stages until they reach the device on which the Brazilian is watching the game.

unusual day at the market

The Brazilian financial market had this Thursday (24) a day of atypical good humor compared to the last few weeks. And the atmosphere of excitement had nothing to do with the victory of the Brazilian team.

In numbers: the stock market closed at a high of 2,75%at 111,831 points, while the dollar retreated 1,08%a R$ 5,31.

  • In future interest, a thermometer to capture investors’ risk aversion, the annual rate of DI contracts (interbank deposits) for 2024 retreated from 14,58% for 14,30% a year, interrupting a sequence of strong increases.

Which explains:

  • PEC: the congressional assessment that spending beyond the ceiling for Bolsa Família could last for just two years ended up alleviating investors’ fears about the dynamics of the country’s public debt.
  • Warm day outside: with the market closed in the US because of Thanksgiving Day, internal movements in Brazil end up having a greater impact on the indicators.

Cup stop: there was a “general stop” in the Brazilian market, according to an operator who spoke to the Reuters agency, when the Brazilian team entered the field.

  • The financial volume traded at the close of this session totaled BRL 15.3 billion, a volume very similar to the BRL 14.56 billion in turnover recorded five minutes before the start of the game.

More about investments

See the blog De Grão em Grão for mega-investor Howard Marks’ three criteria for deciding when to sell his shares.

take a break

Elizabeth Holmes, 38, founder of biotechnology startup Theranos, was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison last Friday (18).

The former Silicon Valley star, who was once seen as the successor to Steve Jobs, was found guilty of tricking investors into putting money into the company that promised to revolutionize blood tests but lacked the technology to do so.

The story Holmes and his startup Theranos is streaming, with a series and a documentary:

  • “The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley”: the production interviews journalists who covered the case and former employees of Theranos to try to understand how Holmes managed to deceive so many senior and experienced people. Available on HBO Max.

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