‘Did you learn this type of comment from our president?’, says reader to Fernández – 06/10/2021 – Reader’s Panel

This Wednesday (9), we ask the readers of leaf to tell what they would respond to the statement given by Argentine President Alberto Fernández at a meeting with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez that morning in Buenos Aires.

Believing that he is quoting the Mexican writer Octavio Paz (1914-1998), Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990, Fernández said that “Mexicans came from the Indians, Brazilians from the jungle” and the Argentines, in boats from Europe. It is, however, an excerpt from a song by composer Litto Nebbia.

The speech, which reveals a deep cultural trait that minimizes or even denies the mestizo roots of the Argentine population, generated an immediate reaction on social networks and criticism from congressmen such as Kátia Abreu, who called him “Bolsonaro porteño”.

Reader Claudio Nastri, from Sorocaba (SP), followed the senator’s line and said that if he had been by Fernández’s side at the time, he would have asked if he “learned this type of comment from our president.”

Check out below the best hypothetical responses submitted by our readers, selected by a journalist committee from leaf.

Did you learn this type of comment from our president?

No origin should be neglected. All peoples deserve respect. All are worthy.

We have known for a long time that we are the true owners of the territories of South America. Yes, indeed, the native peoples have been here for over 20,000 years, and foreigners, who have only been here for about 600 years, are still trying to get us to invade. In view of your astute observation, we ask you to recognize that this territory belongs to us, the original peoples of America, to retake their boats and return to Europe. Please return the looted gold and silver before leaving.
Silvia Muiramomi, an indigenous people from the interior of São Paulo, a people from Aby Ayala

Mr. Fernández, given the evolutionary trait of humanity, we are all jungle, migratory and coming from long walks around the world. There is no superior race or sub races, what exists is ingrained prejudice. There are those who shout “Jungle!” with another sense. Ignorance is the flagship of the oppressor.
Raimundo Vieira, 32, electrotechnician, Araruama (RJ)

Dear President Fernández, yes, we Brazilians came primarily from the first inhabitants of our country who, in turn, inhabited the jungle. Our land was invaded, attacked and later exploited by the Portuguese.

Even today, we have difficulty in accepting and accepting our indigenous origins, and being proud of them. We also do little, in general, to protect and welcome the first and primary owners of our lands, as well as to grant them, protect and preserve the land that is their right. To be so proud of your European origins… a matter of values, Mr. President!

So proud to exalt those who invaded, exploited, violated, killed, enslaved, colonized and catechized us, massacring and denying our ancestry, our roots, our beliefs arising from our indigenous origins!

Well then! While we continue denying and even ashamed of our indigenous and wild ancestry, we continue to cultivate low self-esteem, feelings and postures of inferiority, as countries, peoples and individuals.

We continue to be eternal settlers who admire — and are proud of — our barbarian settlers. Yes, today we are a mixture of indigenous, Portuguese and other peoples and ethnic groups who came here, of their own free will or by force, enslaved.

And also of peoples, families and individuals who migrated here and continue to migrate!

May we honor each and every day that make up our countries and territories, without prejudice, without exclusions, and yes, with love, unity and tolerance. And host.
Sílvia Rocha, 62, writer and poet, Cotia (SP)


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