“Difficult to keep the mask after June 30,” said Jean-François Delfraissy

«It will be very difficult to keep the mask after June 30“, Estimated Tuesday, June 8, Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, President of the Scientific Council, who also expects”a recovery“Of the Covid-19 epidemic”in September or October», But less worrying thanks to the vaccination.

«I think it will be very difficult to keep the mask on after June 30th. You have to be reasonable, people who are in the countryside, who are going to be on the beaches, who are going for a walk, will say good, wait for the experts, stop, we are able to wear the mask where it is needed.“, Said the scientist Tuesday on RTL. Professor Delfraissy insists by then for the “wearing a mask, including outdoors, at least until June 30» : «We have to do it in particular in very large cities. It will be played in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Bordeaux».

«We have a little complex moment in two days, because until now we were outside and now we are going to open inside. And that’s where it will play out“, Said the president of the Scientific Council. “I have no worries if the French are reasonable, if we manage to maintain respect for barrier gestures, the wearing of masks, including outside, at least until June 30».

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“The situation is contained and is going in the right direction”

Wednesday will mark the second step in lifting restrictions in France, with, for example, the reopening of indoor cafes and restaurants. For Jean-François Delfraissy, “we should, with this dynamic of vaccination, have a summer which should pass in rather satisfactory conditions“. He judges that, for the moment, “the situation is contained and is going in the right direction, in France and in all the other European countries», Thanks to the vaccination and the summer weather.

But Jean-François Delfraissy “thought” that there will be “a resumption (of the epidemic) in September or October“. Will it be a 4th wave? “It will be a recovery, we can call it 4th wave, but it will be very different from the first waves, because we will have the vaccination». «In front of it (the virus) will find a population, which, in large part, (aura) vaccines which will partially protect against these new variants», Specifies the specialist. In the future, Professor Delfraissy assures that “at some point we will end up with the virus becoming like other Corona-type viruses, (either) a seasonal virus». «Are we going to get there by winter 2022 or will it take us two years, I don’t knowHe adds.


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