Dinner with businessmen and where does their relationship with Bolsonaro go; listen to podcast – 04/09/2021 – Podcasts

On Wednesday night (7), President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) gathered businessmen at a dinner in São Paulo. The event would be an attempt by the Planalto to show that it still has support from the sector, even at the height of the pandemic in the country.

The meeting took place weeks after the release of a letter criticizing the government, signed by 500 names, including bankers, businessmen, former finance ministers and former presidents of the Central Bank. The document called Bolsonaro for more effective measures to combat the health crisis.

In this Friday’s episode (9), Café da Manhã discusses the position of businessmen in relation to the government. The publisher of the Panel SA column of sheet, Joana Cunha, tells the backstage of the dinner, analyzes the relationship of the heads of the companies with the Planalto since the beginning of the government and explains where this tide is going.

The audio program is published on Spotify, a streaming service partner of sheet in the initiative and who specializes in music, podcast and video. You can listen to the episode by clicking below. To access the application just register for free.

Listen to the episode:

The Breakfast is published from Monday to Friday, always at the beginning of the day. The episode is presented by journalists Maurício Meireles and Bruno Boghossian, with production by Jéssica Maes, Laila Mouallen, Mahara Aguiar, Victor Lacombe. Sound editing is by Thomé Granemann.


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