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What do a medium-sized temporary employment agency, a specialist in architectural concrete and a former specialist publisher have in common? All three companies surprise when it comes to digitization – and are therefore one step ahead of one or the other big player.

When you hear the word architectural concrete, you probably don’t think of a digital pioneer first. On the contrary, the companies Germanpersonnel, Reckli and Mister ATZ have taken a step where others have so far failed. We introduce you to the three surprising candidates who have fully exploited digitization and thus make your processes and your success more efficient in the long term.

Germanpersonnel: From the Excel jungle to the “Single Source of Truth”

Germanpersonnel is not a newcomer in the temporary employment industry and has become the leading technology and service company for recruiting so ftware solutions developed. The medium-sized company digitizes temporary work with its software – from recruiting employees to deploying them to end customers. With the growing success, however, the classic problems of a medium-sized company came up at some point: countless Excel tables, distributed locally on dozens of PCs and valuable customer knowledge that only existed in the minds of the employees. A “single source of truth” was missing, i.e. a single CRM system (customer relationship management) , in which all customer information is collected and, above all, are always kept up to date. The term “single source of truth” actually comes from software technology and describes a generally applicable data source that all employees can trust and access in their day-to-day work. The times of the wild Excel jumble are over: Thanks to the Salesforce Sales Cloud, every department and every: r employee has access to all relevant customer data at all times, while the contacts also lead to higher quality and more conversions. Because all communication with customers is visible to everyone at any time and from anywhere. Since then, Germanpersonnel has been able to increase the number of their leads by 70 percent – and is thus digitally ideally positioned for the future.

Even small companies or startups can become digital pioneers with simple means. (Image: Shutterstock / Gamavector)

No more coincidences: How Reckli turned his sales upside down

With 50 years of company history, Reckli is a real heavyweight in the international architecture and construction scene. However, Reckli’s previous business model was characterized by an indirect sales channel: Because the customer relationship does not only exist between the respective architect or client and Reckli, but between Reckli and the precast concrete industry. Due to the communication gap between the architect and the concrete sub-plant, the actual completion was in many cases left to chance – but that should change.

Here, too, the decision was made in favor of a CRM cloud: Now architects and builders, i.e. the actual decision-makers, are also noted as customers . Interaction with this target group can therefore also be directly accompanied by Reckli at the point in time when the project is predominantly carried out between the precast plant and the client. Orders are no longer left to chance, but run under constant control. The step towards digitization and a central CRM also brought about an upswing in sales and marketing: the field service now benefits from significantly faster processes and the focus in marketing has shifted much more towards actual customer needs.

From specialist publisher to digital role model: Mister ATZ

The career of Mister ATZ is a prime example of how medium-sized companies can use digitization for their benefit: The family company started out as a former specialist publisher for the automotive industry . Over the past few years, however, the medium-sized company has increasingly stretched its feelers in the direction of digitization with success: Mister ATZ blossomed into a successful service provider for online marketing, websites, online shops and social media marketing for small and very small businesses in the automotive sector. However, the growing number of customers showed a typical dilemma of a medium-sized company: Because the functionality of the original customer database reached its limits and this made further growth difficult. In this case, too, the introduction of a CRM system turned out to be the best solution: This enabled a database to be set up in which all customer data, from the birthday of the master mechanic’s wife to the entire order and contact history, are recorded. Sales, marketing and co. Can work together even more closely and have a full overview of their customers, orders, invoices and much more.

Raise your business to a new level: With the right CRM

You will certainly notice that a holistic CRM also represents a promising opportunity for you as a medium-sized company or startup. Salesforce fills exactly this gap as a reliable partner: With the CRM system from Salesforce all of your employees have all the important information about your customers, all communication and internal processes. Your sales, customer service and marketing department benefit from this.

So raise your business with a flexible CRM system that can be adapted to your needs New level: If you are curious about the solutions from Salesforce, the numerous demo videos will help you to get your own first impression. And if you are then convinced, you can for example the Sales Cloud 30 days free trial.

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