Dmitry Bikbaev was vaccinated against coronavirus

In one of the best stores in the capital and even in the world – TSUM – Dmitry Bikbaev was vaccinated against coronavirus. An MK reporter watched as the famous actor and director, a member of the Star Factory, “pricked himself and went” without fear.

After going inside the vaccination point, Dmitry performed all the actions necessary before vaccination: put on a mask and gloves, measured the temperature, filled out a consent form for vaccination. He was invited to go to the examination room before vaccination, where doctor Svetlana Vyacheslavovna Svirid measured the actor’s blood pressure and asked several clarifying questions about his health. Having found out that Dmitry has no contraindications for vaccination, he was invited to another room where vaccination will take place.

The actor explains his decision to be vaccinated by the fact that he wants to be in the comfort and safety zone, since he was not found to have antibodies to coronavirus. “The only way we can help our country, and ourselves, and our loved ones, is to get vaccinated. I am very glad that there is an opportunity in the very center of Moscow, walking, to go to a recognizable place and get vaccinated, having only a passport and a compulsory medical insurance policy with you, ”says Dmitry.

Dmitry emphasizes that in Europe there are some problems with vaccination, since they cannot, like ours, just come and get vaccinated. The difficulty is that only people over 65 can get vaccinated.

– We understand that the numbers on the incidence of COVID-19 are growing, and we, creative people, people who work in the theater, of course, are worried. Now we play 50% of the audience, it is still not the same feeling when the hall is completely packed with spectators. Therefore, we hope that everyone will be socially active, that people will be vaccinated – this is the most we can do now. And it is important for us as actors, that we are safe for the audience, and the audience is safe for us. Please, dear Muscovites, Russians, vaccinate yourself! This is a very, very important story for us to finally defeat the pandemic and return to normal life!

The director told the story of his girlfriend who contracted COVID-19. The girl had 70% of her lungs affected, and now she cannot work, she is constantly at home. Thus, he motivates other citizens to get vaccinated, noting that now it is absolutely clear that it is safe. “This is the best weapon against a pandemic!” – Dmitry emphasizes.

It is worth noting that the vaccination station looks clean and sterile, like a clinic, all employees wear masks and gloves. In addition, there are information posters and markings throughout the site to make it easier for visitors to navigate.

In the vaccination room, Dmitry looked cheerful and joked that he was not afraid of vaccinations. The procedure itself took literally one minute: starting from the opening of the ampoule and ending with the vaccination. The artist bravely survived this procedure. Then he shared his impressions, saying that he feels great and happy, because now he can travel peacefully.

Dmitry commented on the vaccination process itself, noting that it took only 15-20 minutes. And he believes that everyone can find some free time to get vaccinated. “This is the only way we can defeat the pandemic. Let’s just get vaccinated: it’s safe, it’s fast, it’s needed! ” – calls on the artist.

After the vaccination, Dmitry, on the advice of doctors, will take care of himself and spend the May holidays outside the city with his loved ones.

Recently the premiere of his play “On Stream” took place at the Moscow Art Theater. M. Gorky. As the artist himself says, this is a very creative performance about family, about love, about the modern generation. He also notes that both actors and employees are actively vaccinated in his theater, because because of one sick person, the work of the entire theater may stop.

Svirid Svetlana Vyacheslavovna, the therapist of the city polyclinic No. 5 of the Moscow Healthcare Department, who administered the vaccine to Dmitry, also said a few words about the importance of vaccination. She notes that, first of all, it is necessary to vaccinate people older than 60 years old who have chronic diseases. Despite this, the doctor invites everyone to be vaccinated in order to preserve their health and their loved ones. “No special preparation is required before vaccination, a person should feel satisfactory, subjectively feel healthy,” says Svetlana Vyacheslavovna. Also, at the time of vaccination, there should be no exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as colds. The presence of antibodies is also not a contraindication to vaccination.

Post-vaccination reactions take place regardless of the type of vaccination, and each person tolerates it differently. Therefore, the doctor urges you not to be afraid to get vaccinated, since unpleasant symptoms from vaccination, if they appear, disappear within 1-2 days. But then you will feel good both physically and psychologically!

You can get vaccinated against COVID-19 at TSUM during the opening hours of the shopping center without an appointment. The whole procedure will take no more than 30 minutes.


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