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“When I entered the room, I saw a skinny Douglas wasting away. I took a deep breath… Ah. And I entered. We talked a lot, we laughed. But deep down I knew that I would never see him again”.

This is the report of an anonymous nurse who in 1992 met patients living with AIDS at the Ipiranga hospital, in São Paulo. The memory is 2 minutes and 37 seconds, and is the first audio to appear in the feed created on the Incomplete Memorial to the Aids Epidemic podcast players.

Inspired by the Names Project, which emerged in the United States in the mid-1980s, the project will also have a patchwork quilt with the memories of those who lived through the most acute periods of the pandemic that has lasted 40 years.

“With this project, we seek to illustrate the enormity of the AIDS epidemic, encourage an attitude of compassion for people living with HIV and generate a creative form of expression for those whose lives were somehow touched by the pandemic”, highlights Bruno O., coordinator from the cultural center of house 1.

In addition to house 1, the Bajubá Collection, the Museum of Sexual Diversity, the LGBT Pride Parade Association of São Paulo, the Life Incentive Group and Pela Vida São Paulo are responsible for the project.

One of the flaps received by the project – Incomplete Memorial of the AIDS Epidemic/Disclosure

Anyone who has a story can participate. The audios, which will be anonymous, must be from 3 to 10 minutes. The idea is for them to be released without editing.

Testimonials can be sent to [email protected] and WhatsApp (11) 91013-6994.

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