Document says that order to disperse demonstration against Bolsonaro in PE was from the command of the PM – 06/06/2021 – Power

An internal document from the Pernambuco Military Police indicates that the command of the corporation ordered the dispersal of the protesters in the act against President Jair Bolsonaro on May 29, in the center of Recife. Two people lost sight in one eye after being hit by rubber bullets from police.

Governor Paulo Câmara (PSB) said last week that the order to attack the protesters did not come from the state security summit. The commander of the PM, Vanildo Maranhão, and the secretary of Social Defense, Antônio de Pádua, asked to be removed from their positions.

The internal communication document in the corporation, signed by a police officer whose identity was preserved, was revealed by Jornal do Commercio and confirmed by leaf.

In it, the agent states that around 10:20 am he received a call from the commander of the Choque battalion, who informed that Maranhão had guided the dispersal of a demonstration of 300 people, who were not complying with the state decree relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The police officer says that at 11:20 am he received another call from the coordinator of the Copom (PM Operations Center), which reinforced Maranhão’s determination for the Shock to disperse the protesters, “using the means available”, if they advanced towards the square of the Diary.

Still following the police officer’s report, protesters on Avenida Guarapés harassed the agents of the Shock with curses and throwing stones. Two of them allegedly tried to break through the police blockade and were arrested.

The policeman also says that, after the two were detained, most of those present, in an attempt to rescue them, threw stones at the team and that, only then, moral effect bombs and rubber bullets were used to disperse the manifestation.

So far, there are no videos that prove aggression by the protesters. Choque police began shooting non-lethal weapons at 11:44 am at people walking in an orderly manner along an avenue in the center of Recife. Images show agents shooting at presents almost at point-blank range. Councilwoman Liana Cirne (PT) was attacked with pepper spray after identifying herself.

The then secretary of Social Defense, Antônio de Pádua, was at the secretariat’s camera monitoring center when police attacked the protesters. There, it is possible to monitor in real time all cameras in the state. Alongside Padua, was the delegate Humberto Freire, who replaced him as head of the folder on Friday (4).

Two days before the demonstration, the Public Ministry of Pernambuco had warned the secretary about the need for guidance from the Military Police in order to avoid any excesses in the act.

The internal affairs department of the Social Defense Department investigates the occurrence of police excesses and has so far removed eight agents investigated in the case.

In a note, the secretariat stated that the PM has already sent all documents and other objects of investigation to the internal affairs department. “Such elements of evidence are part of the procedure instituted to determine the responsibilities and the PMPE will not comment on alleged leaks”, says the text.


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