Documents: Erdogan colluded with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in espionage against Turkey

Turkish secret documents have revealed the complicity of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the largest Iranian intelligence network in Turkey, which exercised its extensive activity in cooperation between the “Quds Force” of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the head of Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan, in addition to other figures affiliated with the “Justice Party” and development” ruler.

Documents dating back to 2013 and published by the Swiss Nordic Monitor website indicated that the leader of the “Quds Force” Ali Akbar Mir Kelly, was holding his secret meetings in this regard on the top floor of the S’LO Café in the heart of the capital, Ankara, and that the head of Turkish intelligence Hakan Fidan personally supervised the security of the meetings against possible eavesdropping.

The report of the Swiss website, which specializes in security affairs, indicated that Erdogan banned the ongoing investigations into the case, dismissed the Turkish prosecutor, and facilitated the escape of Iranian elements accused of spying operations from Turkey.

The circumstances of the case are related to secret Turkish wiretaps obtained by the Swiss website, the content of which confirmed that a former Turkish parliamentarian had a relationship with the so-called “Quds Force”, affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, and played a major role in promoting and appointing security elements in the Turkish intelligence agency MIT. .
According to recorded phone conversations captured by Turkish police investigators on July 8, 2013, and now revealed, a Turkish intelligence employee, Yasin Unal, called Faruk Koca, a former member of the Turkish parliament and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Counter-Terrorism at the time, and demanded his intervention. And exercise his influence with the leaders of the Turkish intelligence, to cancel one of the intelligence tasks assigned to him within the Turkish intelligence establishment.

In light of the phone calls that took place at the time between Unal and Koca, Turkish prosecutors imposed censorship on Koca’s phone and movements, as it was found that he was linked to General Ali Akbar Mir Kelly of the “Quds Force” of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
Turkish state leaders

The Turkish Public Prosecution obtained permission to tap Koca’s phone, to identify his collaborators, and to reveal more elements involved in the Quds Force’s infiltration of the Turkish intelligence service; It is the operation that the Swiss website described as the largest and most dangerous of its kind for Turkish security, given the involvement of senior leaders of the Turkish state, including Erdogan himself.

According to what was revealed by the wiretapping operations, the Turkish intelligence officer, Yasin Unal, presented himself over the phone as an agent at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the institutions affiliated with the Turkish intelligence, and that he was charged with intelligence operations in the southern province of “Adana”, explaining that he was recently transferred to Northeastern Kars Province, and expressed his rejection of the new task entrusted to him. In his contact with Koca, Onal sought to stop his transfer to the Kars province.

Dozens of Koca’s phone calls, which were recorded and incorporated into the criminal investigation, revealed that he was working closely with the head of Turkish intelligence, Hakan Fidan, as well as a large number of senior leaders of the Turkish intelligence establishment, as well as attending many secret meetings with MIT agents, Especially the head of the agency, Hakan Fidan. The phone calls also indicated that Fidan himself was in constant and “private” contact with leading elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
President of the club «Ankara Gogo»

Unal knew, according to the Swiss website, the influence of Koca on the leadership of the Turkish intelligence agency, and contacted him to help him in his career path. On the same day, Unal called Koca again, to inform him that he had prepared a file for him, and asked if he should bring it to him; Koca replied that he would meet with him to get the file, but the text of the talks did not specify the identity of the file being discussed.

In order to consolidate the importance and influence of Koca’s personality, the Nordic Monitor report confirmed that he is one of the founders of the ruling Justice and Development Party, which is led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He is one of the most prominent supporters and supporters of the Iranian mullahs’ regime, to the extent that he named one of his sons the name “Khomeini”, and he was also the original owner of the house, which Erdogan rented from him in the early twenty-first century in Ankara, another fact that cast doubt on the suspicious relationship between Erdogan himself And the Iranian Revolutionary Guard!

Koca’s biography also indicates that he became remarkably rich under Erdogan’s government, and this was not isolated from his close contacts and relations with the leader of the “Quds Force” Mir Kelly. Koca owns a large number of Turkish companies and commercial institutions, as well as chairing the board of directors of the Turkish football club “Ankara Gogo”.

Upstairs at S’LO . Café

Turkish investigation departments discovered that in 2013 Koca owned S’LO Café, a prestigious cafe and restaurant in the Çukurambar district of the Turkish capital, Ankara. It was frequented by the Turkish political, economic, and security elite as well, and investigations indicated that the upper floor in the S’LO Café was designated for holding secret meetings, and only certain personalities were allowed to attend, and among those figures was the leader of the “Quds Force” Mir Kelly. Turkish intelligence chief Hakan Fidan himself secured the place, to prevent possible eavesdropping operations.

Regarding Hakan Fidan’s relationship to Iranian infiltration and intelligence operations in Turkey, the information of the Swiss security website indicated that after Erdogan appointed him to lead the Turkish intelligence agency in 2010, Fidan redesigned the leadership of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and included special departments in it, in which he appointed pro-Iran figures. . The Turkish police also revealed a biography of Fidan, which was secretly prepared by Turkish pro-Iranian elements, and the biography file was referred to the headquarters of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Tehran.

Pro-Iran, anti-American

Fidan’s biography described the Turkish intelligence chief as pro-Iranian and anti-American. This was not surprising, when it became clear that Fidan had been prepared in Shiite circles of study, and that he had been sticking to those circles when he was a non-commissioned officer in the Turkish army.
While the report of the Swiss website considered Erdogan himself complicity with the defendants in the case, whether they were Turks or even Iranians, the report’s authors made it clear that Erdogan’s government banned work on the case in February 2014, after learning about the ongoing investigations, whose accusations clearly affected senior government officials.

Erdogan issued a decision to dismiss the public prosecutor before he had a chance to obtain arrest warrants for the defendants, or even to file an indictment against them. Koca, Mir Kelly, and many other Turkish and Iranian defendants also relied on the influence of Erdogan, who worked to secure and protect pro-Iranian elements in violation of the law, and helped the Iranians, especially elements of the Quds Force, escape from Turkey.
In 2014, Fidan also proceeded to purge the Turkish intelligence service of agents unloyal to his policies, and re-established the agency itself along ideological and partisan lines, according to Erdogan’s orders. Nearly 7% of Turkish intelligence officers were purged or arrested at the time. According to a classified document obtained by Nordic Monitor, 558 employees of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Turkish intelligence agency, have been fired.

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