Doria asks Bolsonaro to ‘calm down’ and says he will vaccinate him with Butantan’s anti-rabies – 04/08/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), responded to the insults made by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) during dinner with businessmen on Wednesday (7) and revealed by the column.

According to reports from people who came to the event, the president said in a speech to guests that “your governor is a fucking vagabond.”

“Calm down, @jairbolsonaro. In addition to Coronavac, Butantan specializes in anti-rabies [sic]. Stay calm, I will vaccinate you “, wrote the governor of São Paulo on social networks this Thursday (8).

During dinner, Bolsonaro also referred to Doria in the following terms, always according to reports: “Your neighbor here is a tramp”.

The governor’s house is located in Jardim Europa, the most upscale neighborhood in São Paulo, in the sense of the high income of its residents. Cinel’s residence is in the neighboring Jardim América. A good portion of the guests for dinner live in the same region.

The president also said, according to information from businessmen who heard the speech, that Doria is a life destroyer and that he is ending jobs, commerce and closing restaurants.

The curses were confirmed for the column by more than one businessman. The reports coincide.

The dinner in São Paulo was full of friends, or ex-friends, of Doria. The host himself, Washington Cinel, has always been very close to the governor. In 2016, the toucan was launched to run for the São Paulo City Hall at his home.

But now the businessman, like so many others who were at the meeting with Bolsonaro, would be disappointed with his friend because of the restrictive measures in the economy that aim to combat Covid-19 in the state. And he approached Bolsonaro.

Dinner at Cinel’s house was promoted at the request of the Planalto Palace itself. Of 65 Brazilian billionaires listed by Forbes magazine, nine were present.

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