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The balance of today’s world is no longer fair in terms of the values ​​of meaning, and its compass is no longer able to guide its decision-makers with road maps that guarantee salvation. The twentieth century when one of his wise men, the American historian and philosopher Will Durant, was laying the first lines of his huge book “The Story of Civilization,” establishing the centrality of the new Western civilization with a book that tells the story of everything, and we are, of course, far from the ideas of the fourteenth century, when the Arab world was Ibn Khaldun, He devoted himself to contemplating the conditions and fates of individuals and societies, in the introduction to his history and genius theory of the world.

It is our reality, and our modern world that has not yet written its story, but is preoccupied with conflicts and quarrels over who can tell the story alone, and from its far left to its far right he mobilized all the doubts, ideas and the most famous traditional and unconventional weapons of consciousness, and the rapid pace of his life bewildered him and panting behind centers of influence that do not It soon reverts to serving goals contrary to the purpose of its existence. The world ended its last century with the horrors of two world wars and a long cold war, and opened its new century with new horrors and pandemics that it has not finished facing, let alone learning from them. Its imbalance does not need expert examination, but rather Reading his newspapers and observing his interest maps predicts the transformation of the traditional circles of influence into centers and individuals competing in narrow-mindedness and limited effectiveness, after the successive communication revolutions increased the momentum of interaction at the expense of the quality of ideas, and the intensity of communication at the expense of infinitely short attention does not exceed a few seconds before it is forgotten. Therefore, he tries to load his messages on the shoulders of influencers and influencers who soon realize that the future risks of carrying the message are greater than its absence in the first place.

Look at my country, as it is close to a century in its third state, and three centuries since the founding of the first brick of its state. Read the story of the stories, where true heroism, self-made construction and sincere forearms, immortal men and women who knew a way to address history by building a state on the most ancient place and under the most expensive sky, the journey was The legend that the late late King Abdulaziz Al Saud made to unite the Kingdom, year after year, and inch after another, is the greatest inspiration for our generations, and for the modern world, about what it means to build a great entity and spend a lifetime to preserve, develop and defend it. It tells a true and innate impact story written with blood And the distinguished race of men and women knew that the certainty of the homeland and the security of its walls is the most deserving of what a generation handed to the next. In the corridors of offices and work environments, and in the structures of institutions and companies as in the melody of the show and the colors of the arts, it is the green flag embodied in itself, a symbol of the value of Saudi immortality in the conscience of its citizens and friends, and the unblemished certainty Impact and its temporary doubts.

I look at my homeland from the other side of the world, where we share the values ​​of ancient cultures and close frameworks of work and loyalty, to inspire me with his story that sincere work, and the certainty of the goal, is the greatest influence amidst the uncertainties of fluctuating changes in the sea of ​​the world, and that the shining of the green flag, flickering in the heavens and above the tops of opinion centers and making The decision is the most reliable guarantor of the road maps that my homeland presents every day to the world, and from the platform of the celebration of the Embassy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Tokyo on the 92nd National Day, I watched how friends flock, in exceptional circumstances, to attend the occasion of the homeland that has a living and benevolent impact in all its seasons and days.

It is the wisdom that the homeland inspires us on the day of its unity: where the convoy of work leads every day to the goals and dreams of tomorrow, where absolute faith in oneself, and sincerity that can only be accommodated by the borders and aspirations of the homeland, prosperity and stopping the joint work of friends wherever they are. It is his immortal story about the continuous construction struggle, and the proud pride in the values ​​of the past and its gains along with the vision of the future and setting its goals. It is the story of investing in the organic, healthy and real impact, which is fueled by human talents, the health of institutions, and the nobility of the present and history. How he was asked – may God protect him – in a television interview beyond 2030, and he answered with the clarity, firmness and determination of the nation: 2040.

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