Drone attacks in Iraq… Distracting the efforts of the international coalition

An attempt to target the Ain al-Assad military base in Anbar Governorate, Iraq, at dawn today, Sunday, shed light again on the attacks of some pro-Iranian factions, and their new technology that appeared recently.

Since mid-April, these militias and groups have been using drone technology against US targets in Iraq.

Western military officials and diplomats in Iraq not only see these attacks as a threat to many of them, but also threaten their ability to combat ISIS, which still maintains sleeper cells in the desert and mountainous regions of the country.

“These attacks constitute a distraction, from which the extremists benefit,” an informed official told AFP today.

He continued, “Every attack targeting a military base or against the coalition forces us to stop to protect our forces.”

Facade of known factions

In addition, experts and observers of those operations that have intensified recently, as well as the Katyusha attacks, which in turn affected military bases and diplomatic centers in Baghdad, which were adopted by mysterious groups that take on fictitious names, confirm that the latter is just a front for well-known Shiite factions.

Yet these attacks, although they rarely cause casualties, compel the coalition to direct its intelligence and surveillance efforts from counter-ISIS toward these pro-Iran factions.

The authorities in the country have been trying for years to deter the perpetrators of these attacks, while some of these factions have become affiliated with the official Iraqi forces, or have relations and contacts with them.

When the Iraqi forces more than once arrested fighters from these factions against the backdrop of missile attacks against American interests, the factions to which they belong performed a show of force in the Green Zone, the heart of the capital, Baghdad, where government headquarters and embassies, including the American embassy, ​​forced the authorities to release them Most of the time.

It is noteworthy that since the beginning of this year (2021), there have been about 39 attacks against sites and headquarters that include Americans, some of which were adopted by pro-Iranian factions, while other armed factions, also in Tehran’s orbit, vowed to escalate attacks to compel the American forces to withdraw from Iraq.

The United States deploys 2,500 soldiers in Iraq out of 3,500 members of the coalition forces in Iraq.

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