Drug dealers start to advertise on official job sites

First of all, teenagers fall for the bait

Drug cartels began to take over legal job search sites. Traders in dangerous dope began to look for labor, hiding behind the signs of flower shops and food delivery services.

A harmless search for a summer job can now turn into a big disaster. Even on completely official and seemingly proven job search sites, it turned out to be unsafe to do this. As told to “MK” Muscovite Sergei (we do not name his surname at the request of the hero), he decided to work as a courier because of financial difficulties at the main employer. I went to the application of one of the most famous services and responded to a very nice, as it seemed to him, vacancy. A certain North Chem rosary was just looking for couriers.

However, in practice, it turned out that it was not roses that were offered to carry the guy. In response to his resume, a representative of the employer contacted him on the same day via a messenger. He asked to fill out an online application, and then sent a job description: “You will need to go to point A and pick up the parcel. There will be several smaller parcels in one place. Inside anabolics, antidepressants, steroids. Your task then is to hide from prying eyes. I will pay you 500-700 rubles for each hidden one. ” In order for the candidate to completely lose his head, the interlocutor proposed to estimate the scale of such earnings: as it is said in the message, in one district of the city in two hours you can easily earn from 15 to 21 thousand rubles. Of course, the respectable applicant refused the “generous” offer, deciding to report the incident to law enforcement agencies.

Nikita LUSHNIKOV, Chairman of the Board of the National Anti-Drug Union, comments:

“This is how Hydra, a drug network based in the dark segment of the Internet, operates. On legal job search sites, they appear to be anything from flower shops to restaurant and grocery delivery services. Moreover, they get in touch with already working couriers of such services and offer them additional income – to bookmark drugs and report addresses, which are then added to the database. If earlier the main target audience of such recruiters were immigrants from the Union republics, now the emphasis has shifted to older schoolchildren. Especially in the summer, when teenagers are actively looking for a part-time job for the holidays. This system is tightly controlled, and, most importantly, no one knows anyone in it. All phone numbers and website addresses are on the darknet, where there is no way to trace the account ownership of a specific person. “

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28553 dated June 7, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Drug dealers start looking for couriers on job sites


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