Drugs continue to spill onto Florida beaches

In April, 65 pounds of cocaine, valued at $ 1.5 million, were found on a beach in Palm Beach. And this is not an isolated incident in South Florida, where people continue to stumble upon washed-up packages of drugs, says a spokesman for the local Border Patrol.

This happens especially often on the Florida Keys. Here are some recent examples: A 2.5-pound package of cocaine was found on the beach of Islamorada, and the same package was found the next day. And in early May, near the village of Marathon on the island of Middle Keys, waves washed up a sack with 62 pounds of “weed” ashore. A little earlier, in late April, off the coast of Key Largo Island, a sack of 73 pounds of cocaine was caught.

This kind of “finds” took place during the summer, autumn and winter of last year. In July, 50 pounds of cocaine were washed ashore on Grassy Key, 30 pounds of marijuana were found on the islands of Key Largo and Big Pine Key in October, and a fisherman in December discovered a sack of 74 pounds of cocaine off the coast of Sugarloof Key.

While it is not entirely clear where the current drug “flow” originates, the prime suspects are smugglers from the Caribbean and Cuba, who have long chosen the Florida coast as the gateway through which drugs are transported to the United States.

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