Due to the situation in Ukraine, global famine threatens to occur on the planet – German Foreign Minister

Head of the German Foreign Ministry Annalena Berbok claims that because of the situation in Ukraine, a global famine on the planet may occur. She stated this on Saturday at a press conference following a three-day meeting of the heads of the diplomatic departments of the Group of Seven (Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA, France and Japan), which was held in the commune of Wangels (the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein) in northern Germany.

“Because of Russia’s actions, supplies are being cut off, prices are skyrocketing – not only here, but around the world – and there is a severe famine,” Burbock said. She argued that this “blockade of food exports” is deliberate and thus becomes part of the “hybrid war”. “Russia is feeding the ground for new crises,” the minister said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously stressed that Western sanctions against Russia hit the economies of those countries that impose them, and also provoke a global crisis. According to him, “the continuation of the sanctions obsession” “will inevitably lead to the most difficult, intractable consequences for the European Union, for its citizens, as well as for the poorest states that already face the risks of hunger.”

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