Dupont: “We are continuing the tradition of Stade Toulousain” – European Cups

At the end of Toulouse’s fifth victory in the European Cup final, find the main statements of the Rouge et Noir.

Interview at Twickenham,

Ugo Mola, manager of Stade Toulousain: “The fear in this match is that a red card very early in the game (against the Rochelais Levani Botia), it changes the behavior of the teams. We know this because we had the chance to beat Racing two seasons ago and we also remember the Racing-Toulon final, times when we know that it can re-engage the team. This was the case for La Rochelle. The emotion is real because it’s been a lot of work with the guys. A lot of exchanges, a lot of ability to question oneself. A lot of humility because we know that this team from La Rochelle had all the qualities to be European champion. But high-level sport does not share and today we did not want to share despite wanderings and in particular a strategic plan necessarily not very successful but here is the emotion it is especially to realize over the years and titles… (…) I also realize what it’s like to win at this level and I didn’t think it was that hard. And I say to myself somewhere that my predecessor (Guy Novès) still had incredible energy to be crowned with so many titles in the European Cup and in the championship because it takes crazy energy to continue at this rate. (…) Eleven years (since the last European title), that may seem like a lot, but ask those who have never had the opportunity to touch it. Only three French clubs have been titled. So I think you have to have a little humility and know that it can last, sometimes a very long time, because you have to renew the generations, because you have to pass milestones. ”

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Antoine Dupont, scrum half and captain of Stade Toulousain: “We have to measure how lucky we are to be here, Maxime (Médard) had the club’s boom years and if we had told him in 2010 that he had to wait 11 years to be in the Cup final Europe not sure he would have believed it so we have to appreciate these moments, it is the second title of our generation so we have to measure the chance of being here. (On the weight of Toulouse’s heritage) I think it can be a double-edged sword because we benefit from the experience of those who came before us as Ugo had the chance to do and other members of the staff but we also have, not this weight, but this motivation that I felt directly when I arrived here even more in this competition. The club has a strong past with the European Cup where we were co-holder of the number of titles and today we can put this fifth star on the jersey we realize the heritage and we keep the tradition alive. (On his title of best European player) It’s always hard to have individual rewards in a team sport, and even more so in rugby. Of course it’s nice, but it also rewards a whole group. I admit that the main reward that I remember today is this one (he shows the European Cup).

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Jerome Kaino, third row at Stade Toulousain: “I knew it was my last chance to win the European Cup (at 38, he will stop at the end of the season before joining the Toulouse staff, Editor’s note) and I am very proud of the team , the club, our preparation, the way we are managing this season. We have come very close for the last two seasons, we lost twice in the semi-finals. We really had a good feeling this year, in the way things went, although it was not necessarily won. We had to play away against Munster, then away against Clermont. It brought us closer together and allowed us to play as we wanted. I am extremely proud. I am lucky with this generation to win two. Each title deserves its trouble but a lot of work, pain, effort, two players injured tonight. There are four or five weeks left to manage nationally. (…) It is a real honor to be part of this group and to be able to contribute to the history of this club. I am proud to add a new star to the Stade Toulousain jersey, to be part of this team, to rub shoulders with these young stars. It’s a real satisfaction. ”


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