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To face the crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, the main train route in the interior of São Paulo decided to launch an extra attraction for its tourists: a trip in the restaurant car with afternoon tea.

The initiative on the route between Campinas and Jaguariúna comes after other gastronomic trips that gave positive results, such as offering breakfast and Arcesp steak –this one, on specific occasions– to passengers.

Trains that have traveled the 24 km route between the two cities in the interior of São Paulo since the 1980s have faced difficulties in closing monthly bills due to restrictions imposed by the new coronavirus pandemic.

In one of the stoppages in activities, there were practically seven consecutive months without operating and, even in return, the flow of tourists has been reduced.

National treasurer of the ABPF (Brazilian Association for Railway Preservation), Mauricio Polli said that the initiatives taken are intended to contribute to the maintenance of operations, which have been severely damaged since the beginning of the pandemic, in March of last year.

Afternoon tea will be offered on trips on Saturdays, June 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, from 15:00 to 16:50, on a route that does not go to the Jaguariúna station.

On this route, called half-way, the train departs from Anhumas station, in Campinas, and goes to Tanquinho station, in the same city, where it takes a 30-minute break, until it starts to return to the starting point. The service is offered in a car manufactured in the 1940s and used on the Sorocabana Railroad.

The menu consists of assorted teas, juice, cake, petit four, breads and croissants, served in the restaurant car. The price per adult is R$ 120. Children from 6 to 12 years old pay R$ 90.

In addition to afternoon tea, the ABPF is offering in June a 50% discount on conventional tickets (without the right to the service provided in the restaurant car) on the route to Jaguariúna for those who donate a kilo of non-perishable food.

Children from 6 to 12 years old, who already have a half price discount, will pay half the price. The entire ticket, which cost R$ 160 and was already on sale for R$ 120, is being sold for R$ 80, with the donation of food. Children pay R$40.

In May, the first month of the campaign, the collection exceeded a ton. The trains are operating with a capacity reduced to 40%, with temperature control for passengers and requiring the use of a mask and the availability of alcohol in gel.

The total collection of the railway association in Campinas comprises more than 60 passenger cars and locomotives, including those waiting for repair.

Ah, were you curious about what is the Arcesp filet mentioned at the beginning of the text? I’ll talk more about it in due course, but it was a classic dish of railroad cuisine consisting of filet mignon, vegetables sautéed in butter, sauce and white rice, mainly served to sales representatives. Here’s a little bit of that story.

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