Duvivier feels like the Titanic comedian back from Greg News

The mission of making people laugh amid the tragedy gives Gregório Duvivier the feeling of being the humorist of the Titanic, as he already said in his most recent chronicle at Folha and how he speaks to us in this interview, on the occasion of the premiere of the new season of Greg News on HBO.

Attentive to the details hidden behind the smoke screens used by the current government, Greg News, on HBO, is an encouragement to these times of denial of science and hatred of information. Even if the bolsonaristas do not bother to think (and hence watch the weekly led by Gregório Duvivier), the editions gain ears beyond the opposite bubble, provoking or endorsing movements useful to positive changes, such as the protests of delivery people via applications , the theme of one of the first editions of 2020, at the height of delivery orders.

From this Friday (9), after four months of absence, we will finally have the program back, at its usual time, 23h, available on YouTube already on Saturday morning.

This is the 5th season of Greg News, which will have cowardice as its debut theme, and nothing more conducive to illustrate the situation in which the government is currently in. Greg talked to the blog for ten minutes timed by HBO on the eve of this premiere. Check it out below:

TelePadi – Have you recorded the program that will air tomorrow, premiere of the 5th season of Greg News?

Gregório Duvivier – Fifth season, man. Yes, I recorded it yesterday, I recorded it on Wednesday, I always record it two days before and I’m already working on next week’s. Tomorrow’s (Friday) is about cowardice.

TPWhat is it about?

Greg – Jair Bolsonaro.

Interviewer and interviewer laughs

TP – Yes, I should think it is obvious, but it is that cowardice today, in a way, encompasses the three powers.

Greg – Yeah, perfect, deep down you killed the charade. It is about Bolsonaro, about the pandemic’s management, showing that he is being brave with the lives of others, with the lives of others, but it is also about the cowardice of the institutions, which are not working and that often end up chickening out , instead of fulfilling its functions. The other day Celso Rocha de Barros, who I love, had a column saying: ‘Who should be arrested because Bolsonaro is on the loose?’ For Bolsonaro to be free, loose, many institutions need not be working. So, we talk a lot about this, too, about how we were placed in this lethargic state and how he plays with it, President, threatening to arrest one here, another there, prosecuting one here, another there, and this is undermining the institutions, that today are already super chicken.

TP – Can you, at the beginning of the season, have an idea of ​​all the themes of the year? We have talked about this before: since this government started, there is no day like the other, it is always a surprise, and even recording two days before, there is a risk that things will change, although the program is not guided by things ephemeral. But can you make a prediction of themes for the entire season?

Greg – You can, we always stay in that between-places, we don’t want to do a program that doesn’t dialogue with what’s going on, and at the same time, we have to do something that doesn’t change from day to night because we want to to have just another look at the themes, which is not the look of social networks and trending topics, we try, in general, to have a more in-depth look. And it avoids topics that we know will change everything until tomorrow. Today’s vote in the Chamber of Deputies we avoid talking, we do not cover what is happening now in the Chamber. But, basically, for me it is a certain relief, in the sense that everything changes all the time in this government. They love to keep taking and putting the minister, then take it out, put it back, change the command of the army. Covering this is very exhausting, for us and for the public. We avoid talking about these cosmetic changes and try to talk about the fundamental problems of this government and of Brazil, in general, which do not change from Wednesday to Friday, unfortunately.

TP – You spent the whole year of 2020 recording at your mother’s house, and now you go to a small studio. I think there is a difficulty with the absence of an audience that outlines a reaction to what you are doing, isn’t it? Will someone be there to assist you and give you some feedback in this new studio?

Greg – Exactly, even what I say on the show is that I feel like the comedian of “Titanic”. Isn’t there the violinist from “Titanic”, who plays there? I feel like the “Titanic” comedian.

TP – I read your chronicle in Folha, that’s exactly it, because it is a humor program that brings reflection, but it also gives a certain melancholy to talk about the subjects that we have to address.

Greg – Exactly, I love humor with sadness, the humor that I like the most has to do with drama, even, the humorists that I like the most are sad clowns. Now, sadness is one thing, tragedy, another. In the tragedy, the risk of humor entering through and irritating people, instead of comforting them, is very great.

Now there is a special kind of tragedy that we are experiencing, which is a health tragedy. So, it cannot even have proximity and agglomeration, which, in general, is what comforts people in the tragedy. Tragedy, at least, everyone is hugging together, and nowadays we no longer have the right to that.

There is an asepsis that bothers everyone a lot, of course, but in the mood, especially, because you no longer have the answer. So, you have to create mechanisms. My mechanism is my sister, who is there in the corner, she is the one who films, she is the one who does everything, she records, she makes sound, she does everything, she even does the publicity photos, she’s the one who cut my hair, and I’m there trying to make her laugh. She’s there behind the camera, so she’s my return.

Before there was my mother, this year neither my mother, because the pandemic got even worse, and not even my mother is in the audience anymore, because she hasn’t been vaccinated yet. We are even thinking of making an audience with vaccinees later on, only gentlemen, over 60. I can see if there is a health risk involved, we have to analyze first if the vaccinee can already watch something with some distance.

TP – There is “The Voice +”, now there will be “Greg News +”

Greg – I loved it, it already has the name

TP – There was a program where you came back from vacation and made a frantic compact of everything that was left to be embraced during the vacation period. Will it be possible to contemplate now everything that was missing in that period? What is the outline of the semester?

Greg – What I may have liked most about last year was our programs, I would say, more philosophical. Programs where we took a topic and went deeper into it. There is “Leveza”, which we talk about “leveza”, I ended up singing there with my family Tom Zé. There is another one that I love, which is “Care”. We ended the season talking about “Family”. I really liked that we went deeper into concepts that go beyond the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which are a chance for us to stop and think a little about those words that we use all day, like “be careful”. I say “care” to my daughter all day, I hear “care” too, we stopped at “care” to talk about the economy of “care”, how “care” is poorly paid in Brazil, it needs to be counted in the economy.

We are also doing this exercise this year, taking words that have become common in our dictionary and scrabbling them, unraveling them, so, we are seeing what are the concepts that talk a lot about us. We will open with cowardice, which is also a way of talking about courage.

Later on, we wanted to talk about youth: what it means to be young today, with the world and the environmental collapse. We also want to talk about the VIP area, about how Brazil is a large VIP area, with a portfolio. We will say, for example, that Bolsonaro transformed the press conference into a playpen, he put a VIP area even in his relationship with journalists, there is a pigsty there that nobody can enter, except his fans. He even brought this concept that is very Brazilian in the VIP area and playpen to the press, but this also serves to talk about vaccines.

Vaccine is increasingly restricted to the playpen. So, it’s the same type of relationship, the portfolio relationship. I love it when we can weave theories that go beyond everyday life and help us understand a little more about this enigma that is the country we live in.

TP – And because the program is not dated when the season ends, it is possible to have material that is timeless.

Greg – Exactly.

Below, a link to the last episode of 2020, about family.

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