Earth planners of medicine – 06/02/2021 – Mariliz Pereira Jorge

Chloroquine had its inefficiency proven. It does not work for Covid treatment and may have side effects. A SUS commission does not recommend its use. Manufacturers have already taken a stand against your prescription. Ivermectin goes the same way. The laboratory itself, which would have every interest in filling the donkeys with money, declared that there is no efficacy.

But, as we’ve seen in Covid’s CPI testimony, the “quack kit” was widely distributed by the government, has been prescribed by doctors, and continues to be praised by “experts” like Nise Yamaguchi and Mayra Pinheiro.

“We’re discussing which edge of the flat Earth we’re going to fly from,” infectologist Luana Araújo said in a statement to the commission, who was announced as Covid’s Combat secretary and disannounced ten days later, certainly because she doesn’t fit the profile of most of the picks that advise government.

As we argue, doctors push their patients over the edge. They use Covid’s tragedy to turn humans into guinea pigs. There are dozens of reports of criminal conduct, patients with complications or waiting for transplants, records of increased risk of death by Covid, cases of deaths due to nebulization of chloroquine. Why aren’t people prosecuted and arrested yet?

In testimony to the CPI, former minister Nelson Teich criticized the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) for not disapproving of the use of chloroquine. The entity doesn’t even scratch itself, when it should act more rigorously to avoid self-medication, in addition to punishing those who treat medicine as healerism. It insists on relying on the opinion that delegates to the doctor and the patient the decision to decide on the treatment.

This Wednesday (2), the council filed a motion of repudiation because it thinks that professionals are not being treated with civility at the CPI. The population that is at the mercy of the barbarity of the earth planners of medicine.

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