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Stores often use psychological tricks, thanks to which they convince a person to purchase a product. Among the classic practices is the overestimation of the cost of a product in case of favorable demand, and then an understatement of its price in order to create a false understanding of the need for this or that product in the consumer, as said by the candidate of economic sciences Mikhail Belyaev on Sunday, June 20.

He noted that a radical understatement of prices is a sign that the purchase of a product should be treated with special attention. All the more, one should be wary of the decrease in the cost of food, tracking their expiration date, since it may indicate the end of the shelf life and the threat of the store going negative in the absence of a product sale: it is better to get a penny than to get nothing at all.

Nevertheless, Belyaev pointed out that there is a traditional understatement of prices, which, for example, is common in bakeries for evening baking and is a kind of coquetry on the part of the manufacturer.

“It is a common practice for supermarkets and large stores, when they feel that some fashionable product is in demand, to display it at the highest possible price at that moment. There is a certain psychological preparation of the buyer for the appearance of this product, for the understanding that he would like to buy it. And here comes the happy moment when the price is reduced. Then a person’s trigger goes off – he wanted to buy it for a long time, but it was a little expensive, but now the prices have dropped, and it’s time to buy. Or, before the holidays, shops often intentionally raise prices, and then begin to pretend to be promotions and supposedly drop prices – they return them to the pre-holiday level under a bright advertisement of 20-30% discounts, ”the economic specialist shared in an interview with Sputnik radio.

Also, do not be overly reliant on stocks, in particular – offers of free goods for a purchase. Belyaev noted: “nothing happens for free,” so even purchasing a product at a discount is a partial purchase of a formal gift from the store. As a rule, the client is offered something illiquid, that is, a product that cannot be sold by any other method.

The most correct strategy in purchasing a product for a stock is a clear understanding of the degree of demand for this product, the expert concluded.

The day before, on June 19, experts spoke about the store’s tricks aimed at deceiving customers. These are gimmicks that force visitors to purchase more and more products, and schemes of abuse of human trust.

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