Eduardo Bolsonaro has already mocked flight in 1st class to attack communist deputy – 01/12/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

Federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) mocked in 2016 business class flights abroad, such as those that were released this Wednesday (12) for government ministers, by sharing a photo of himself flying to Israel with his father, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), and brothers Flávio and Carlos.

At the time, Eduardo had an antagonism on the subject with federal deputy Jandira Feghali (PC do B-RJ). Reproducing photos of her on planes, he said on his networks that it was incompatible to travel in the upper class and defend communist thought.

“Air France in first class?”, wrote Eduardo in the Facebook post. “Who knows when I open my business, work harder, work harder, save more and so prioritize I travel first class on Air France.”

“Until then, I’m happy to be able to cross the ocean on a plane and maintain consistency in my speech – with Jair, Flávio and Carlos Bolsonaro. Nothing against business class travelers, on the contrary, but consistency is everything!

In the photo, taken inside the aircraft, Jair Bolsonaro appears seated in an armchair in the corner, with his head down, as if reading something or using his cell phone. The three children posed smiling.

It was during this trip to Israel that the president was baptized in the Jordan River by Pastor Everaldo, then president of the PSC (Christian Social Party), to which Bolsonaro was affiliated.

In posts made almost a year earlier, in 2015, Eduardo reproduced images Jandira on flights to criticize her. “Owner of a restaurant in Copacabana, cosmetic surgery at Copa D’Or, flight in 1st class on Air France. This is communist!”, he joked.

The deputy also stated: “Does the deputy transmit to her employees the speech that every employee is exploited for the boss to have his profit? […] Nothing like preaching communism and enjoying capitalism. In my country this is called hypocrisy, demagoguery…”.

Eduardo was already a parliamentarian at the time and had his father as a colleague in the Chamber. Sought this Wednesday to comment on the episode, Jandira did not comment.

The Bolsonaro government became the target of opponents throughout the day due to the decree allowing ministers of state and occupants of high-level positions of trust in the administration to travel in business class during official missions abroad, on flights that last more than seven hours. .

Terms such as stewardship and “breast” were used by detractors on social media to attack the decision.

Despite criticism of the release of first-class tickets, a former member of the government and now Bolsonaro’s detractor told the column under reservation that the decision is the right one, since often the schedules abroad are tight and the fatigue of the trip can harm the performance.

According to this former assistant, it is common for the representative of the Brazilian government to disembark in a country and go straight to official appointments, which would justify the extra comfort. The change is also considered reasonable for health reasons in the case of long flights for people over 60 years old.

The justification for dismissing the servers from the economy class trip was, according to the Planalto, related to health issues. The General Secretariat of the Presidency said it was necessary, for example, to “mitigate possible side effects in the face of ergonomic deficit”, that is, bad posture.

The president himself has already praised the fact of having traveled outside Brazil in the lower category. In 2020, he called “completely immoral” the attitude of an employee of the Civil House who made an exclusive flight in a FAB (Brazilian Air Force) jet between Davos (Switzerland) and Delhi (India).

“Old ministers went by planes there commercial, economy class. I myself have traveled in the past, I was not president, to all of Asia in commercial, economy class, and I didn’t understand,” Bolsonaro said at the time.

Ministers who, like the server Vicente Santini, were in Davos for the World Economic Forum left the place on commercial flights, with tickets bought in economy class. According to reports at the time, only Paulo Guedes (Economy) was in the executive, after paying the difference out of his own pocket.

Santini, who is a friend of the Bolsonaro family, was even dismissed from the position, but returned to the Esplanada dos Ministérios and is the current National Secretary of Justice.


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