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The Ministry of Education has warned private schools against cutting education services for students who are failing to pay tuition fees, in accordance with the regulations and laws in force in the country, and it is not permissible to deprive them from entering exams.

The Ministry stated that each school has a specific policy in paying school fees, and in the event that it decides to withhold certificates or results, it must notify the guardian of this, and this is the system in force in various schools.

In detail: The Ministry affirmed that it is working to guarantee the rights of the school and parents alike in matters related to school fees, pointing out that it is not permissible in any case to suspend the student’s study because of any previous financial matters, whether the student studies in the direct education system or distance education.

For their part, a number of parents informed “Al-Bayan” that their children’s schools have suspended their studies and withheld certificates for the first semester as a result of not paying the fees for the first semester in full, noting that they want to know their children’s results even if they are verbal without printing performance results.

They pointed out that there are various mechanisms that schools can follow in the event of late payment, including the introduction of a monthly installment system so that the student continues in education without the educational service being successful.


In turn, the school administrations emphasized that the delay of parents in paying school fees contributes to the delay of their plans and programs that they have prepared to improve the educational system, especially if it is a for-profit school, so it depends all on fees, and it has no other profit means to rely on in the preparation and implementation of what is heading towards it The sector, considering that they provide students with education, services and activities that must be reaped in exchange for their acceleration towards development and the required goals.

For his part, Dr. Maher Hattab, Director of Al Ahlia Charitable School in Ajman said: There are several private schools that depend in their operational costs on parents ’premiums as they contribute to the implementation of educational plans and programs for the success of the educational process, indicating that these schools are negatively affected by not paying the premiums on time. And that bounced checks are one of the problems that most plague private schools.

In the same context, Walid Orabi, Deputy Director of the American International School in Dubai, confirmed that the Ministry of Education and the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, and all laws and regulations warn against dismissing the student or removing him from school during the school year due to non-payment of fees.

He explained that they have some late cases in paying the fees, but they are cooperating with them a lot to agree on a satisfactory way of payment, and the school has not directed any conversation to the student regarding fees at all and is treated like his colleagues, but the school withholds the student’s certificate at the end of the year.

He stated that the guardian has to pay in order to receive the transfer certificate for his son or the final result of the exam results, and therefore the guardian pays sooner or later, and this point is taken by private schools into consideration.

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