Egypt, Iraq aim to enhance cooperation in water management

Tue, 2021-06-08 17:52

CAIRO: Egypt’s Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Mohammed Abdel-Aty on Monday stressed the need for maximum cooperation with Iraq to achieve optimal use of limited water resources.

During the first meeting, held virtually, of the joint Egyptian-Iraqi Technical Advisory Committee on Water Resources and Irrigation, Egypt reviewed its efforts in confronting challenges at the societal level through citizens’ awareness of the importance of water conservation.

Abdel-Aty discussed the implementation of major Egyptian projects such as the national projects for the rehabilitation of canals and the transformation from flood irrigation to modern irrigation systems. Also discussed was the expansion of the use of smart irrigation applications, which have made Egypt one of the most efficient countries for water use.

Iraq reviewed its own challenges — including climate changes, declining rainfall and rising temperatures — and its efforts to overcome them. Most of the water resources in Iraq come from outside its borders.

Egyptian officials invited their Iraqi counterparts to participate in the fourth Cairo Water Week, to be held from Oct. 24 to Oct. 28.

The two sides agreed to form a working group of technicians and prepare for the visit of an Egyptian technical delegation to Iraq during August to conduct several field visits.

They also agreed to establish a virtual working room to enhance communication between the two parties.

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