Egypt .. Parliament approves in principle the law to dismiss “Brotherhood employees”

The Egyptian parliament approved in principle a proposal to amend the civil service law, allowing the dismissal of employees belonging to the terrorist organization, the Brotherhood, from government jobs in the country, in its session held on Monday.

According to the list of the Egyptian Parliament, the proposed law will be presented to a vote during the next plenary session, and it will be sent to the Council of Ministers and then to the relevant government authorities, to start implementing it and working with it according to the rules determined by Egyptian law.

The Secretary of the Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee in the Egyptian House of Representatives, Representative Ali Badr, stated that the draft law was in accordance with the constitution and the internal regulations of the House of Representatives, and “the urgent need to issue this law appeared in light of the fight against terrorism within the state’s administrative apparatus.”

Badr, who presented the draft law amendment, explained: “The amendments presented to the law on non-disciplinary dismissal include many guarantees and at the same time define cases that require non-disciplinary dismissal for each person aiming to sabotage the state, through his work in the state’s administrative apparatus.”

He pointed out that “there are a number of employees who belong to the Brotherhood and use their positions within the state’s administrative apparatus to implement the organization’s agenda.”

The parliamentarian added that “the law includes, if the name of the employee involved falls from the list of terrorist entities, his right to return to work again.”

government efforts

A government source, who spoke to “Sky News Arabia” and preferred not to be named, confirmed that Egypt is working to remove members of terrorist organizations from executive positions and important positions within the state sectors, after it was proven that a group of these employees were involved in carrying out some operations aimed at harming the state in favor of the agenda. Organization.

The source explained that the process of purging state institutions of Brotherhood cells is complicated and not “easy, because most of them do not clearly announce their organizational affiliation.”

He pointed out that the law will define the mechanisms for dealing with each case and indicate the extent of its involvement in acts that threaten the stability of the country, in which case he must be dismissed from his position and tried, while in some cases it will be sufficient to remove them from executive positions and put them under surveillance.

The source stressed that “the government will not tolerate any action that threatens the stability of the country,” noting that “the employee or official in the government position has the role of implementing the goals of the national state and working to serve it,” and that “his affiliation with the organization and his work for his benefit is a betrayal of the homeland and must be held accountable by law.” .

Why the new legislation?

Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Egyptian Parliament, MP Alaa Essam, said that the new legislation comes within the framework of the Egyptian state’s keenness to strengthen its mechanisms in the face of terrorism and extremism, and to track people affiliated with the Brotherhood inside the country, who take advantage of their presence in positions of responsibility to implement the organization’s agenda.

In a previous statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Issam stressed that there is an absolute necessity to prevent anyone who belongs to this terrorist organization from exploiting or manipulating the capabilities of the state for the purpose of sabotage.

He revealed that the past few months have witnessed sabotage operations involving members of the Brotherhood, all of whom are familiar with the administrative apparatus and participated through their positions in their implementation, noting that the bulk of them relate to train accidents and desperate attempts by the organization’s elements to sabotage the railway system.

The Egyptian parliamentarian made it clear that “belonging to a terrorist organization is a crime that is prosecuted by law, and its penalties are intensified if it is proven that the member carried out terrorist sabotage acts in favor of the organization’s agenda, so all measures in this regard are legal and constitutional.”

He pointed out that “the coming period will witness more measures that will protect the state and preserve its institutions against the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to create sedition.”

The Egyptian Minister of Transport, Kamel Al-Wazir, demanded during the plenary session of the House of Representatives, early last May, the necessity of enacting a law to hold accountable state employees belonging to the Brotherhood.

The minister said that the Ministry of Transport has about 162 workers belonging to the terrorist Brotherhood, working in the railway sector.

He stressed the importance of amending the Civil Service Law to separate some categories of railway workers who threaten the work of the facility and pose a threat to the safety of citizens, while questions were raised about the possibility of confronting these elements with a number of laws issued by Parliament to confront terrorism.

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