Egypt.. Postponement of the trial of the accused of “photographing Belbeis Air Base” until June 22


Egyptian court

The East Cairo Military Criminal Court in Egypt decided to postpone the retrial of the defendants in the case known in the media as “filming the Belbeis Air Base”, until June 22.

The court had issued a verdict on 170 defendants in the case.

It punished 9 defendants with life imprisonment, 4 defendants with 15 years in prison, 4 others with 10 years in hard labor, 4 other defendants with 5 years in hard labor, and 1 defendant with 5 years in prison. The court exempted defendant No. 85 from the sentence and acquitted two defendants of the charges against them. .

The facts of the case included the crime of murdering the deputy commissioner of the Faisal Police Department and placing an explosive device next to the “Resance” cinema in Suez, targeting army cars on the Egypt-Iran road, targeting the gas pipeline at the Suez Petroleum Company, and killing Egyptian armed forces soldiers with the Aswan-Badr Suez insurance service.

They were also accused of targeting a ship in the canal, monitoring the Police College in Abbasiya, and monitoring the 101st Brigade in North Sinai, and the indictment included that the accused obtained, by illegal means, a secret of the country’s defense by taking pictures with a mobile phone equipped with a camera for Bilbeis Air Base, in preparation for targeting it. .

Source: RT

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