Egypt succeeds in growing the first crop of its kind to face the water crisis

The Directorate of Agriculture in the New Valley Governorate in Egypt announced the success of the trial of cultivating dry rice for the first time at the governorate level as an alternative to regular rice.

Today, Friday, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in the New Valley Governorate, Majd Al-Mursi, confirmed that 15 acres of the dry rice crop have been planted in the city of Mut, in the Dakhla Center, through extension fields at the rate of one feddan for each field, to educate farmers about ways to grow the crop, the best method for cultivation, irrigation and fertilization with the aim of spreading the cultivation of the crop as an alternative to regular rice because Its high consumption of water in light of the adoption of groundwater conservation as the main source of water.

Al-Mursi added that the directorate organizes a series of indicative seminars on dry rice in the presence of irrigation officials, a number of engineers and agricultural supervisors to present the methods and benefits of cultivating dry rice, prohibiting the cultivation of immersion rice and the violations that will be taken against violators, as well as displaying the most important varieties that are suitable for cultivation in dry areas and tolerant varieties. For the long periods of irrigation and saline lands in light of the provision of high-quality seeds of the Ministry of Agriculture, which are basic seeds, noting that the seminars included the most important agricultural transactions, appropriate cultivation methods, fertilizer treatments, irrigation treatments and planting dates in the New Valley Governorate.

Al-Mursi indicated that the Directorate of Agriculture in the governorate has introduced new varieties of dry rice to conserve the water of the aquifer, and to provide the farmer with his rice needs, including (Giza 178, brief 179, Sakha 104, and Sakha Super 300), and the study conducted on the cultivation of Dry rice proved that the water requirement of dry rice is 3500 m 3 / feddan, while the need of water rice is 7000 m 3 per feddan. The study also proved that the average production per feddan reaches 3.2 tons and the net yield reaches 15000 pounds.

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