Egyptian mediation … a pivotal role in controlling the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis

Egypt’s success in brokering a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip confirmed Cairo’s indispensable pivotal role in the Middle East, according to analysts who spoke to Al-Vision.

Analysts considered that Egypt’s success in intervening to end this wave of war after only 11 days, compared to the 2014 war, which lasted for about a month and a half, and witnessed heavy losses in lives and infrastructure in the sector, reveals an American recognition of Egypt’s pivotal role in any peace settlement between the two parties.

US President Joe Biden expressed his “sincere gratitude to President El-Sisi and the senior Egyptian officials who played a decisive role in this diplomacy,” according to his speech at the White House on Thursday.

Abdel Moneim Saeed, former head of the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said, “Egypt has played its same role in trying to protect lives in Gaza and contain the renewed conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Strip, but this time the economic aspect is different, with Egypt providing $ 500 million to rebuild Gaza. ».

Saeed added to “the vision”, saying, “Egypt’s economic capabilities have become better, and it is now able to provide financial assistance in addition to what it provides to the people of Gaza in terms of relief aid on a permanent basis. No country has been able to play this important role in containing the conflict and stopping the war, because Egypt is on the side of it.” “It enjoys relations with the Palestinian and Israeli sides, and it is able to obtain the support of Arab countries and major powers.”

For his part, Professor of Political Science at Cairo University, Dr. Ikram Badr al-Din, said, “Egypt has made great efforts to reach the calm in Gaza, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi held several meetings during his visit to France last week, and held a tripartite summit that brought him together with the President of France and the King of Jordan.”

Badr al-Din added to “the vision”, saying, “The situation in Gaza is the focus of attention of the Egyptian authorities, who have made efforts to stop the war, and we have seen the Egyptian delegations that visited the two parties, the Palestinian and the Israeli, given Cairo enjoys relations with both sides, and moved on several levels, political, diplomatic and economic, as well as On the humanitarian level represented in opening the Rafah border crossing and receiving and treating the wounded ».

Egypt had opened the Rafah border crossing with Gaza to receive the wounded and injured to receive treatment in Egyptian hospitals, and sent convoys of medical and food aid to civilians in the Strip, the last of which was a convoy that included a number of Egyptian political parties on Friday.

On the development of Egyptian-American relations, which have witnessed lukewarmness since the arrival of US President Joe Biden to the White House, Badr al-Din said, “Egypt is an important and influential country in the region, and America is interested in stability in the region, which requires strong relations between Washington and Cairo.”

The political science professor pointed out that any new president is interested in internal affairs or urgent files, and there are files such as the Iranian nuclear file and relations with Russia, which Biden has occupied since his coming to the White House, ruling out the existence of a chill in Egyptian-American relations, especially since the Egyptian role is important in Promote the peace process in the Middle East, to reach the two-state solution that the United States adopted during President Clinton’s term.

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