eighteen years’ imprisonment required against a 17-year-old accused of murder

15 years old at the time of the facts, he is accused of having “killed to steal the victim”, and faces up to 20 years of imprisonment. The maximum penalty for a minor under the age of 16.

Eighteen years of imprisonment were required Friday, November 26 by the Rouen prosecutor’s office during the closed-door trial of a 17-year-old minor for the murder of a 46-year-old man in 2019, according to two lawyers.

During this trial opened Wednesday before the juvenile court ruling in criminal matters, the young man, who was fifteen at the time of the facts, has “expressed regret». But he denied being the perpetrator of the fatal blows, Laura Kalfon, his lawyer, and Fabien Picchiottino, the lawyer for the victim’s family, a chef, told AFP.

Another person, aged 17 at the time of the facts, will subsequently appear before the juvenile assize court for the same facts, according to Me Picchiottino. The court is due to render its decision on Friday. The young man judged “admitted to striking several times, while explaining that he was not the author of the fatal stone throws”, Explained the defense lawyer. According to her, the examination of the minor’s personality on Thursday showed that the young man “was abused“, Undergoing”physical violenceFrom his mother.

“An outburst of violence”

The young Martinican is “arrived in metropolitan France not long ago and found himself without a landmark in Rouen where he had bad encountersShe continued. The drama occurred in 2019 in the gardens of the Rouen town hall “between two and three in the morning», Selon Me Picchiottino. “It is an outburst of violence, they beat him. They used a blunt object, a priori a large stone (…) They leave him dead and naked».

The young man faces twenty years of imprisonment, the maximum penalty for a minor under 16, according to Me Picchiottino. The young man is being prosecuted for aggravated murder “because he is accused of having killed to steal the victim“His phone in particular, Mr. Kalfon had specified. “The other minor was found with the victim’s personal effects. Nothing was found on my client», She specifies, however. His client is also being prosecuted for two other assaults the same night, before the murder.

According to Me Picchiottino, with three or four other young people, they attacked for no particular reason a young man who will spend several days in the hospital, then a couple. The young man escaped twice from the closed educational center since his arrest, according to lawyers.

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