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For the first time since October 1, the city authorities will begin to accept applications from electric scooter rental services for subsidies – they are planning to distribute 75 million rubles in total. This money will help companies to offset part of the cost of purchasing electric scooters, that is, there will be more rental vehicles in the city. The RG correspondent found out the details.

Despite a number of high-profile accidents with electric scooters, the city provides subsidies to this “controversial” mode of transport. The fact is that it is popular and has a convenience that neither bicycles nor ordinary scooters can achieve. This season, Muscovites and tourists have already made more than six million trips on electric scooters, which is three times more than last year, according to the Department of Transport.

“During the pandemic, electric scooters, along with bicycles, became the main means of transportation for couriers and volunteers, so in a year the rental fleet expanded from 5,000 to 25,000, and there were special conditions for delivery services,” adds the head of the department Maxim Liksutov. “By order of the mayor, the government For several years, it has also financially helped taxi and car sharing, this year subsidies in the amount of 282 million rubles have already been allocated. And the subsidy for the development of the electric scooter rental service will amount to 75 million rubles. ” The city prescribes the requirements for scooters for applicants for subsidies – they must not accelerate faster than 25 km / h, but must be equipped with a mechanical braking system, a headlight, a bell, replaceable batteries, and the age of the transport cannot exceed one year at the time of application. The press service of the service Whoosh “RG” said that this is the first case of granting grants for the development of kicksharing. “We plan to submit an application and welcome the initiative of the mayor’s office. Deptrans confirms the important role of kicksharing as a new type of transport, developing infrastructure and providing support to it,” the company said.


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