Elon Musk is afraid of going bankrupt and calls new factories “ovens for money”

Tesla does not have a public relations department, and the mouthpiece of the company is Elon Musk himself, who is active on social networks and sometimes gets out at press conferences organized by Tesla car clubs. At the last such meeting, Musk spoke about the problems that Tesla has.

New factories in Berlin and Austin, the head of Tesla called “giant ovens for the money”, meaning that they do not pay off due to low production volumes. Currently, these enterprises cannot produce more cars, since there are no components, primarily batteries with 4680 cells. You can replace them with 2170 batteries, but the equipment necessary for their production has been detained at the port of China.

“The last two years have been an absolute nightmare with supply chain disruptions, one after the other… and we’re still not over it,” Musk told Autoblog.

The top manager says that the main question facing Tesla today is how to keep the company’s factories around the world working in order to pay salaries to employees and not go bankrupt. As you know, due to the difficult economic situation, Tesla is reducing staff.

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