Elon Musk said he supports cryptocurrencies in comparison with regular money

Head of American companies Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk announced support for cryptocurrencies in comparison with classic monetary funds. He posted the corresponding publication on Saturday on his Twitter.

“A real battle [разворачивается] between paper [деньгами] and cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, I support the latter, “said the entrepreneur.

Earlier, Musk’s Twitter posts had a significant impact on the value of cryptocurrencies many times. So, for example, on May 12, he wrote that Tesla will stop accepting bitcoin as payment for its cars. On the same day, according to CNBC, the cryptocurrency market capitalization decreased by $ 365 billion. Dogecoin cryptocurrency also actively reacted to Mask’s statements.

This time, Musk’s tweet had a slight effect on the value of bitcoin – over the past day, its price decreased by only 0.54%. According to the Coindesk portal, by 11:30 US East Coast time (18:30 Moscow time), the bitcoin rate is at $ 37,712.59.


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