Emirates Airlines operates the first flight served by fully zipline teams across all contact points

Today, Emirates Airlines is one of the few global carriers operating a flight that is fully serviced by teams of vaccinated workers at all points of contact with passengers.
Flight EK 215, which took off from Dubai International Airport this morning bound for Los Angeles, received integrated services by employees who chose to vaccinate in all stages of the flight through the check-in and security counters, businessmen lounge, first class lounge and departure gate, in addition to engineers, pilots and crew members Air services, aircraft cleaning and equipping team, loading and ground handling team, and Emirates SkyCargo team.
The Emirates Group launched the vaccination campaign at an accelerated pace more than a month ago, as about 26,000 employees, “44 percent of frontline workers”, received two doses of the “Pfizer Bionic” or “Sinopharm” vaccine.
Adel Al-Reda, Chief Operating Officer at Emirates Airlines thanked the rational leadership of the United Arab Emirates for its strong commitment to support a comprehensive national vaccination program, adding that with the beginning of the pandemic spread, Emirates Airlines placed the safety of its customers and employees a top priority and implemented strict measures to protect them at all stages of flights and with progress. In our rapid program of vaccination at high rates, more of our flights will be served by fully vaccinated frontline personnel.

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