Emirates News Agency – 4 mechanisms that facilitate the contribution of donors to the “100 million meals” campaign to feed food in 20 countries

It allows everyone from individuals and institutions to contribute to support the largest campaign in
The area to feed food in the month of Ramadan.

– 4 mechanisms that facilitate the contribution of donors to the “100 Million Meals” campaign to feed
Food in 20 countries.

The “100 Million Meals” campaign opens the door to participation for all in the UAE
And outside of individuals, companies, institutions and businessmen to feed food in
Vantage month.

One dirham provides the basics for preparing a meal in lower-income communities
Covered by the campaign.

– The 100 Million Meals campaign covers 20 countries from Pakistan in the east to Ghana in the west
At the heart of it is the Arab world.

4 mechanisms for receiving donations:
– Bank transfer to the account of 100 million meals holders in “Dubai Islamic Bank”,
Interview: / AE08 0240 0015 2097 7815 201 /,
– The website of the 100 Million Meals Campaign is www.100millionmeals.ae.

– Text messages are also available to send the value of contributions to the 100 million campaign
a meal.

– The campaign’s call center also receives callers ’donations on the number
8004999 or email: [email protected]

DUBAI, April 13th, WAM – The “100 Million Meals” campaign has announced four mechanisms
To donate to facilitate the participation of individuals, institutions and all groups of society in the campaign
The largest of its kind in the region to feed food during Ramadan and provide support
Food for the needy and needy families in 20 countries in the state and societies
The lowest income around the world, which the campaign covers from Pakistan in the east to Ghana
In the West and at the heart of it is the Arab world, in cooperation with the Food Program
Global and the regional network of food banks in the holy month of Ramadan.

The “100 million meals campaign” allows everyone inside and outside the country from different countries
Economic actors, institutions of the government and private sectors, and businessmen
Individuals and community groups will contribute to supporting the campaign through multiple channels
To donate and contribute to facing the hunger that he suffers in today’s world more than
820 million people.

The campaign supports global efforts to combat hunger in coordination with the Program
World Food, covering 20 countries, including Sudan, Lebanon and Jordan
And Pakistan, Angola, Uganda and Egypt, while more than 52 million people are suffering from
The Middle East and North Africa region is suffering from hunger, most of them are women and children.


It provides a campaign organized and supervised by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiatives Foundation
Al Maktoum International, and implemented by the Mohammed bin Rashid Charitable Foundation
And humanity, four approved mechanisms to donate, the first through the site
E-mail www.100millionmeals.ae, whereby any individual, organization or company can
Or a businessman contributing the monetary value of any number of meals that
He wants to donate its value.

Text messages.

Those wishing to donate via text messages can also donate to the “100 million campaign.”
Meal “Send the word meal / or meal in English / in the form of a text message
SMS through specific numbers on the “du” and “Etisalat” networks in the UAE, as it is done
Through which you buy a certain number of meals.

Donations can also be made to the campaign by sending the word Meal in the language
English / In the form of an SMS text message to specific numbers on the two “du” networks.
And “Etisalat” in the Emirates, through which a certain number of meals are purchased
Food is as follows:

– Send the word “Meal” in an SMS to 1034 to donate 10
Meals worth 10 dirhams.

– Send the word “Meal” in an SMS to the number: 1035 to donate 50
A meal worth 50 dirhams.

– Send the word “Meal” in an SMS to 1036 to donate 100
A meal worth 100 dirhams.

– Send the word “Meal” in an SMS to 1037 to donate 300
A meal worth 300 dirhams.

– Send the word “Meal” in an SMS to the number: 1038 to donate 500
A meal worth 500 dirhams.

Bank account.

Donations can be made to the “100 Million Meals Campaign” through the designated bank account
To campaign in Dubai Islamic Bank on:

Account: The Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation.

– Account number: 001-520-9778152-01
– IBAN number: AE08 0240 0015 2097 7815 201
– رقم Swift Code: DUIBAEAD
call center.

Those wishing to donate are also allowed to contact the campaign’s call center
“100 million meals” at the toll-free number: 8004999 or postal mail
Mail: [email protected] To make their cash contributions started
It allows the purchase of meal components and delivery to the intended recipients, as the center’s staff will be
Contact to receive their communications and donations via direct phone.

The various donation channels provided by the 100 Million Campaign allow directive meals
Charitable and humanitarian work during the blessed month of Ramadan, to the communities most in need
To support, aid and relief, and support it to cover a basic basic need, which is access
On food.

It also forms the donation options available to the public and institutions from both sectors
Governmental and private, in response to a sense of human solidarity, brotherhood, solidarity and solidarity
In the face of the challenges facing lower-income human societies are being reversed
Negatively the development opportunities in it.

Food program.

The “100 Million Meals Campaign” cooperates with the World Food Program to distribute a portion
Of the contributions received by the campaign from institutions, companies and individuals in the
The State of the United Arab Emirates is given to the needy and needy families who suffer from hunger and ill
Nutrition in vulnerable communities within the 20 countries covered by the campaign.

This cooperation comes to establish the UAE’s position on the list of donors
WFP’s Big Five, and instills a culture of giving and giving
It is adopted by all segments of society in the UAE, including citizens and residents,
Complementing the charitable and humanitarian work approach established by the state leadership on Mada
Five decades of founding its federation.

Regional network.

The 100 Million Meals campaign is coordinating with the regional network of food banks,
The non-profit organization that was launched from the Global Humanitarian City, Dubai
In the UAE in 2013, with the aim of taking over the tasks of distributing food parcels and materials
Food in the various countries covered by the campaign, especially as it includes dozens of banks
Food that provides the logistics network required to deliver food parcels
For the needy and needy families in 20 countries.


The “100 Million Meals Campaign” supports a group of partners from entities and agencies
Federal and local institutions and humanitarian and charitable societies concerned in
The UAE, to ensure that the campaign achieves the broadest institutional and public participation,
Consolidating the values ​​of the month of compassion, solidarity and human solidarity with the needy.

A practical alternative.

It is the “100 Million Meals Campaign” organized by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiatives Foundation
Al Maktoum International and implemented by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Charitable Activities
And humanity, coinciding with the blessed month of Ramadan, is a practical response to the hunger challenge
And the malnutrition faced by many lower-income societies around the world,
Including providing nutritional support to individuals, families and communities suffering from poor conditions
Nutrition and food scarcity, in support of achieving the sustainable development goals of nations
United for 2030.

The campaign is an interactive awareness initiative to change food waste practices
Globally, and to define the mechanisms of providing food support as a viable alternative to wasting a third
Food globally every year, equivalent to 1.3 billion tons annually, with a value of 2.6
A trillion dollars.

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