Emirates News Agency – “Federal Youth Authority” sheds light on young pioneering models in business management

DUBAI, 24th August / WAM/ As part of the activities and activities of the summer camp 2022, the Federal Youth Authority organized a workshop on “How to Develop a Successful Business Project” with the aim of raising Emirati youth awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship and providing them with knowledge and opportunities that qualify them to break into this promising field, diversify sources of income and support their development On the personal and professional levels, as well as establishing youth role models at the national, regional and global levels.

The workshop was moderated by His Excellency Saeed Al Nazari, Director General of the Federal Youth Authority, in an open and inspiring session that attracted more than 300 young men and women at the Dubai Creative Center located on the Boulevard Emirates Towers – Dubai, to learn about the experience of successful Emirati entrepreneurs who shared their experiences in the field of entrepreneurship.

Young Hind Bin Demaithan Al Qamzi, founder and creative director of Hamzat Wasl, Young Youssef Al Aref, co-founder of Badel 26, Young Mohammed Hanif Al Qassem, Managing Partner of The Manor by JA Hotel, and Young Ahmed Abdel Hakim, founder of The Company, spoke at the workshop. Lab Holding, and the young woman, Fatima Al-Khoury, founder of the Miska Company.

His Excellency Saeed Al-Nazari touched on the interest of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, in strengthening the role of the UAE youth and achieving qualitative successes that compete globally, noting that Emirati entrepreneurs have the opportunity to excel and have the facilities, supportive policies and capabilities to reach the world..adding His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, provides us with the best example in achieving global successes that have an impact on millions around the world.

Al-Nazari pointed out that parents and grandparents are an honorable and inspiring model in entrepreneurship. They worked hard and exerted all their time, effort and perseverance to develop projects through which they built various sectors on which our contemporary renaissance was based.

His Excellency added that entrepreneurship occupies an advanced position on the priorities of the economic trends of the UAE, and one of the pillars of the fifty-year economy plan, and that stimulating entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises, and spreading the culture of entrepreneurship among future generations are among its most important axes, so it falls on the shoulders of Youth institutions Encouraging young people to launch their businesses and projects based on the fact that startups are among the most important pillars of the national and global economy, and accordingly the Federal Youth Foundation works to develop the capabilities of Emirati youth to upgrade their capabilities, expertise and skills that lead them to achieve this vision.

Al-Nazari said that the UAE is preparing to be the first home for entrepreneurship, and that is why the state is taking all appropriate measures to achieve this, such as launching a number of incentive packages for Emirati youth, including business accelerators, financial facilities and entrepreneurial funds, which are aspiring to contribute to increasing the number of Emirati entrepreneurs and thus the contribution of their startups in The country’s future gross domestic product.

He added that with the UAE achieving first place in the Global Entrepreneurship Index, which was announced during Expo 2020 Dubai last February, it was important to focus more on the business sector among Emirati youth, and for this we are happy to organize the workshop and discuss ways for young people to develop projects Successful.

Al-Nazari said: The value of the projects participating in the workshop is estimated at more than 360 million dirhams, and the youth of the UAE are competently experiencing the experience of entrepreneurship, stressing that the success stories shared by the speakers of the participating entrepreneurs add to the knowledge of the young generation about managing a successful project in the future, and avoid them from a number of challenges and obstacles. By finding innovative solutions, Al-Nazari concluded his speech by saying: One of the basics of success is to be surrounded by successful people.

The “How to Develop a Successful Business” workshop highlighted 7 lessons learned from a number of national projects, where Hind Bin Demaithan Al Qamzi, founder of Studio and Creative Director of Hamzat Wasl, an art and design management studio, focused on bringing creative minds and skills together. And he cooperates with government departments, private institutions, and creators in general, on opportunities and experiences, saying: Experience generates opportunities, and every designer has an opportunity to experience entrepreneurship and contract with institutions from around the world.

Ahmed Abdel Hakim, founder of “The Lab Holding” and owner of “3 Fils” restaurant, which was founded in 2016, touched on the importance of entrepreneurs working during their management of their projects to solve existing problems and add tangible value to customers in order to gain their trust and praise, and then enhance the reputation of the project in the long run. And the need to create a team of diverse competencies and expertise that helps achieve success, excellence and innovation and enables it to see greater and far horizons, noting that Dubai is the ideal destination for doing business, and competition in the market increases the quality of services.

Mohammed Hanif Al Qassem, managing partner of The Manor Hotel, and a member of the global advisory board of the HFTP International, said that the hospitality sector is full of opportunities, and there are global experiences, and now we have an opportunity to lead with our Emirati experience, and advised young people to continue even in the event of failure and not to abandon the project due to some Problems that may resolve over time.

Meanwhile, Fatima Al-Khoury, the Emirati business leader and founder of the Miska Company, which was launched in 2013, stressed the issue of providing liquidity in support of financial security, building a solid base of permanent customers and excellence in providing services in order to expand that base to include various segments of society and include other segments of potential customers through Employing services or products to meet their needs, which will enhance the sustainability of projects, and she continued that choosing the place is one of the most important priorities for starting a business, we started with an idea, and our business extended to several locations in the country.

While sharing the experience of launching the project’s campaign, which witnessed a huge response from shareholders after the launch of the campaign on the Dubai Next platform, Youssef Al Aref, the entrepreneur and founder of “Badel26” Especially since this sport is one of the fastest growing sports in the world recently, and it has many training grounds in the country, and our project aims not only to provide this sport and its facilities, but also to facilitate community access to it and thus encourage them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. Entrepreneurship has an aspect of financial profit, but the successful project in my view is also concerned with community leadership, noting that the project achieved profits in record time that exceeded one million dirhams.

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