Emirates News Agency – Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi: Statistical data is currently leading the world

Sharjah, September 20 / WAM / Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of
The Department of Statistics and Community Development in Sharjah The importance of statistical data
Considering that it is currently leading the world with its societies, economies and even its sciences

“No government can develop a long-term plan for urban sprawl and expansion,” he said
The service network, improving infrastructure, and planning the future of the economy and its sectors
And the type of jobs they produce without accurate information on demographics
its assets, needs, and growth rates.

Al-Qasimi added that although this characterization of the role of statistics in
Economic and social development and in improving people’s quality of life and
Their lives are very accurate and true, but many individuals and families are wondering
Continuously about the feasibility of collecting accurate and specific information such as the number of air conditioners or
Television or refrigerators in one house or the number of cars or vehicles in a way
The year the family owns or the number of rooms in the house and the people living in it
their age groups and occupations.

He replied: From our side in the Department of Statistics and Development in Sharjah, we consider that this
The questions are very useful and indispensable for the development of the work of the department and its programs, both on the
At the level of mechanisms for collecting information or at the level of defining the function of the statistics process
and its importance and we look at these questions and suggestions made by the public as
Community partnership in developing and improving the work of institutions permanently, so this
Questions are a natural right and it is our duty to constantly try to answer them.”

Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi explained that the official authorities, for example,
It can decide the share of the water and electricity networks in the government budget
public without prior knowledge of the population’s needs for these resources in years
In order for the official authorities to secure these needs, they must stand
on the consumption rates of families, institutions, companies and factories, and in order to achieve
It is also necessary to know the number of appliances that consume electricity and the number of residents
One house is measured by the number of devices, and from here the responsible authorities can measure
Per capita consumption rates and if this is accompanied by the question about the number of family members
These agencies can calculate through data analysis growth rates
Population and the attendant growth rates of the need for resources.

He pointed out that simple questions such as the number of people in one house and the number of devices
Electricity and the number of elderly and retired people are in fact the basis for the development
Infrastructure, including a network of services, and also determines the number of schools
Universities and health care centers that must be ready within a certain period
Determined by the analysis of population data as well as driving the policy of concern for the elderly
The elderly, retirees and people with disabilities and provide for their needs.

And Sheikh Muhammad bin Humaid Al Qasimi stressed that these are simple examples, but by means of which they can be used
Measuring the importance of collecting information to determine the policies of governments, “civilization and progress”.
Today, they are measured by the extent to which governments know the needs of the population and how much they are able to
Provide and develop them so that societies can live in security, stability and prosperity
Small one at a time, big data and its analysis tools are crucial to
The well-being of a society is for this: After the census, good comes.” This came in response to
A message sent by a follower of the direct line program on Sharjah TV indicates
In it, the importance of the role of statistics and the need to raise the awareness of community members of the impact
They provide information on development plans and projects in the emirate.


Wam / Batoul Kashwani / Zakaria Mohieldin

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