Emirates News Agency – Russia records 12,505 injuries in one day

MOSCOW, June 11 / WAM / The Russian health authorities announced today 12,505 new infections with the Corona virus, compared to 11,699 cases the day before, bringing the total number of infections recorded to five million, 180,454 cases, in addition to recording 396 deaths during the last 24 hours. , compared to 383 deaths yesterday.

The Russian health authorities indicated that this represents an increase in deaths, bringing the death toll from the virus to 125,674 deaths, and 10,188 people, bringing the total number of people recovered to four million, 782,183 people.

The injuries were distributed among 84 regions, with the largest number of them recorded in the capital, Moscow, which is the epicenter of the epidemic (5,853 injuries), the highest toll since last January 14, in addition to the death of 60 people and 3061 patients recovered.

– Emad Salman –

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