Emirates News Agency – “SEHA” stresses the importance of continuing the vaccination campaign against the Covid 19 virus

ABU DHABI, April 8th, WAM – The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, “SEHA”, emphasized the importance
Continue the vaccination campaign against the Covid 19 virus during the holy month of Ramadan, and it is not
There is no medical contraindication to taking the vaccine while fasting.

Dr. Omar Al Hammadi, a consultant internal medicine at Al Rahba Hospital, said:
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, one of the facilities of the “SEHA” Company, to continue the vaccination campaign
During the blessed month of Ramadan, you contribute to preserving and protecting people’s lives
Spirits and immunizing society from the spread of the virus.

Al-Hammadi asked community members to abide by the precautionary measures
And preventive and adherence to the instructions issued by the competent authorities regarding the limit
Of the gatherings during the month of Ramadan … explaining that the required spacing during the month
The virtue is physical distancing, not social distancing, because people can
To stay in touch with his loved ones, friends, and family members, by using means
Different technology.

Dr. Al-Hammadi advised the community members to reduce their risk
Family gatherings as much as possible and if a gathering takes place according to the conditions
What is permissible and in the narrowest range, it is better that the assembled individuals be of those who are
Receive the vaccine so that the chances of spreading the virus and the chances of acquiring infection and the chances of getting reduced
Complications and deaths, especially among the elderly and people with chronic diseases
Paying attention to not forgetting that the domestic worker receives the vaccine from
In order to complete the vaccination process inside one home.

Al-Hammadi added that the treatment of Covid-19 patients, like other patients, is no different
With them with regard to fasting the month of Ramadan, if their injury was light or free from
Symptoms, they can continue fasting, but if their infection is severe, they are asked
Doctors should break the fast of the patient, and he must heed medical advice in order to speed up
The process of recovery and receiving treatment because Sharia and medicine are in agreement about the necessity of breaking the fast
Patient in such cases.

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Al-Marzouki, a specialist in internal medicine at:
Al Rahba Hospital is one of the establishments of the “SEHA” company. The UAE has made tremendous efforts
In the field of vaccination against Covid 19 virus, with the aim of reaching community immunity
Against virus.

He stressed the need to continue the vaccination campaign during the holy month, because it is not
There is something that prevents people from receiving the vaccine, from a medical and legal point of view
That in the event that the person receiving the vaccine has symptoms such as a high degree
Heat, headache, and body aches. There is no objection to continuing fasting
If symptoms increase and the inability to continue fasting, there is no objection to breaking the fast
Fasting after medical consultation.

Al-Marzouki added that taking the vaccine is the most important weapon to eradicate the virus
The vaccine is able to control the disease and has reaffirmed the importance of adherence
With personal precautions that are still necessary even for people
Those who received the “Covid-19” vaccine and did not tolerate the application of these measures during
The holy month of Ramadan.

WAM / Hoda Ragab / Reda Abdel Nour

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