Emirates News Agency – The conclusion of the International Chambers of Commerce Conference in Dubai with a focus on business leadership in the era of digitization, governance and sustainability

Dubai, November 25 / WAM / The twelfth session of the Chambers of Commerce Conference has concluded
Today, the world operates in Dubai in the presence of 3800 representatives of chambers of commerce from 110
Countries including 800 actual participants, 3000 virtual participants and more than 80 speakers in 44
A panel discussion where it was announced that Geneva would host the 13th session of the
Conference in 2023.

The 12th edition of the conference focused on exploring opportunities for chambers of commerce across the world
around the world and encourage them to reorganize their services to lead business in an era
New led by digitization, governance and sustainability, as the conference activities witnessed
Fruitful and promising discussions and visions and qualitative ideas that will certainly contribute to the consolidation of a culture

The conference concluded with a session in which His Excellency Hamad Mubarak Buamim, Director General of Chamber of Commerce and Industry participated
Dubai and the President of the World Federation of Chambers of Commerce, who expressed his pride in the success
The great achievement of Dubai by hosting the activities of the World Chambers of Commerce Conference
In its 12th edition, especially as it is the first conference to be organized after a pandemic
Covid 19, stressing the importance of the event in bringing together chambers of commerce from around the world
To review the many visions that influenced the event and enhanced future opportunities.

Buamim said during the session – which focused on the need for chambers of commerce to change
Its service patterns to adapt to the needs of members in light of the developments it is witnessing
The world said that the organization of the conference came in line with Dubai’s directions and in line with its desire to
To be a catalyst for innovation and exchange of opinions and experiences indicating that the event
Review the most prominent practices and tools that will develop and enhance the work environment
Competitiveness of rooms.

Buamim confirmed that the projects of the chambers of commerce participating in the chambers of commerce competition
The world will be inspiring models for other rooms, calling on the leaders of the chambers to continue
Think of the new generation of chambers of commerce and work to integrate this concept into
Plans and programs for next year, stressing the need to continue strengthening the language of dialogue
Strengthening the bonds of work and joint cooperation that leads to the support and development of the system
the job.

And regarding the most prominent issues that the Director General of the Dubai Chamber wishes to transfer to the second edition
13 From the conference to be hosted in Geneva in the year 2023, Buamim stressed the importance of
Flexibility and utilizing the gains that resulted from the 12th session of the conference in
Dubai and applying successful practices and promoting the adoption and application of the latest technologies and management
Statements, hoping that the conference outcomes and recommendations will be inspiring to the participating rooms
And motivating them to develop executable plans and adopt the innovation of model rooms within their institutions.

For her part, Her Excellency Fablin Fischer, Minister of the Department of Economics and Labor in Geneva, said:
In Switzerland: We are looking forward to holding the thirteenth session of the Chambers of Commerce Conference
The world in light of a ‘normal’ global situation as we used to and I think the discussions
On reshaping free trade and global trade across all sectors
Institutions will be strongly affected by developments in global efforts
to counter climate change.

She expected that the Chambers of Commerce would play a very important role in promoting and supporting
Best practices and sharing of lessons learned.

Dubai Chamber presented as part of the agenda of the twelfth edition of the “Chambers of Commerce Conference”
Global” a comprehensive report that includes a package of main themes that include “the global system”
Transformation of Chambers of Commerce”, “Dubai Innovation Index” and “Digital Readiness Tool”
In addition to a vision based on extensive study about the new generation of rooms
Trade and the role of technology in reshaping global trade
Experiences of other rooms and recognition of success models as well as recognition of value
And the efficiency that rooms based on innovative thinking can provide
And able to focus its services according to the changing needs of its members.

As part of its efforts to support the “Chambers of Commerce Transformation System” (CMI), the Dubai Chamber revealed
A recent study during the conference provides valuable insights into the concept of the new generation of
Chambers of Commerce / Chambers of Commerce 4.0/ How technology can reshape the landscape
World Trade In addition to distributing a hard copy of the study during the conference
The report can also be downloaded through the conference’s digital platform.

The Swiss city of Geneva will host the proceedings of the thirteenth edition of the Chambers Conference
Global trade under the slogan “Achieving Shared Prosperity through Diversity”
This was organized jointly with the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services in the month of June

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