Emirates News Agency – The first female doctor specialized in forensic radiology in the Middle East

Dubai, 25 September / WAM / Forensic radiology is one of the specialties
The rare thing that many people play about, especially the female component, because of the difficulty of challenges in it
But Dr. Maryam Al-Matrooshi, radiologist in the Forensic Medicine Department of the Police
Dubai went through the experiment without hesitation to become the first woman to specialize in the field of radiology
Forensic at the level of the Middle East, and holds the European Board of Radiology
Diagnostic from Austria, and is currently working on a project to establish the first “Radiology” laboratory
Criminal” at Dubai Police, to be the first of its kind in the Middle East in the
The field of forensic virtual autopsy as an alternative to manual autopsy.

In the words of His Excellency Major General Dr. Ahmed Eid Al-Mansoori, Director of the Public Administration
Forensic evidence and criminology at Dubai Police, the project to establish the first radiology laboratory
Criminal at the level of the Middle East, one of the important projects directed by His Excellency
Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police
The next stage, and the forensic evidence in Dubai Police, is proud of its cadres
Specialized human resources and their high readiness to apply best practices and experiences in
The field of forensic evidence, and Dr. Maryam Al-Matrooshi is one of the models
Distinguished women, which is an important addition to the criminal work of the Dubai Police.

Major General Al-Mansoori considers the establishment of the first forensic radiology laboratory, which reflects the keenness of the Police
Dubai to continue to achieve achievements and continuous development and proactiveness in
Police work, and the General Department of Criminal Evidence has become an important reference
And essential for criminal work in the region, due to its multiple specializations
systems, laboratories, practices, and qualified human competencies capable of solving issues
Criminal and complex crimes, and provide supporting studies for criminal work on
global level.

Dr. Maryam Al Matrooshi says: I am proud of my work in this specialty that he plays
So much for the difficult challenges in it, and I am proud of my work in the Dubai Police General Command,
Which is one of the most important leaders in criminal work at the global level,
It has a large balance of expertise and competencies, and has a global reputation in the work
The policeman in all its aspects, including criminal work, and the success of women in the police
Dubai and its ability to enter and delve into various disciplines comes within the framework of its keenness
Dubai Police leaders, led by His Excellency Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander
Dubai Police General for supporting and empowering the female component.

And Dr. Al-Matrooshi continued: She obtained a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery
General from Dubai Medical College, and I am currently working on completing the requirements for the board
Al Arabi, and has so far completed 14 years in Dubai Police, in the medical and medical fields
Forensic, and the field of fractures and injuries in the state and abroad, and worked in the position of deputy
Head of the Radiology Department at Dubai Police Health Center, and I am currently working on a project to establish
The first forensic radiology department in the Middle East in addition to being the doctor
The only radiologist at the level of the General Command in Dubai Police, and I work in
The radiological health field and the radiological criminal field in two different departments,
And they are the Department of Forensic Medicine and the Dubai Police Health Center, thank God today
Proud to be the first woman to enter the field of forensic radiology in the East

Dr. Al-Matrooshi explained that the department will greatly serve the forensic medicine, from
During the preparation of criminal reports with high accuracy and by a doctor specialized in radiology
It implements global forensic radiological protocols to reach the level of
Intelligent virtual autopsy as an alternative to manual autopsy, using advanced techniques
In this regard, this contributes to improving the objectivity of the results obtained
In forensic autopsy by virtual autopsy.

And Dr. Al-Matrooshi continued, the department will work through virtual autopsy on
Improve the quality of forensic reports and reduce the time spent on autopsy
From two days to about half an hour, specialist doctors will also be able to
Remote diagnosis of cases as a precaution against infectious diseases such as a virus
Corona and others, and will contribute to obtaining accurate and difficult data for some areas
The body such as the back of the brain and advanced cases.

Dr. Maryam Al Matrooshi, 14 years old, completed in Dubai Police, and enjoys a lot of
Medical knowledge in the sports medicine community and an expert on the laws applicable to
Athletes by virtue of its constant contact with athletes in strength and beyond, and its knowledge
With psychological and medical challenges, she is also a health sports doctor who cares about fitness
physical health and public health, and contributed to raising awareness in the year 2020 during the pandemic
Corona, by designing an awareness movie about preventive and precautionary measures for the virus
Corona virus and its broadcast on Dubai Police channels, and it was also presented through the communication channels in
Dubai Police Information on scholarships to study diagnostic radiology.

Dr. Mariam Al-Matrooshi discovered malignant tumors and performed excisions
It has saved the lives of // 7 people in just two years, and it is also the first to create
A handbook of health professional training for radiology and its approval by the Health Authority to benefit
From / 14 / technicians annually.

Dr. Maryam Al-Matrooshi has also developed a health vocational training booklet
It is approved by the Health Authority for the benefit of 60 nurses annually.
And developed a health professional training manual for the laboratory and approved by the Health Authority
The Authority will benefit from it / 30 / laboratory technicians annually, and it has developed a vocational training manual
Dental health and its approval by the authority to benefit from / 20 / dentists annually,
And developed a health professional training manual for pharmacy and approved by the Health Authority
For the benefit of 12 pharmacists annually.

Dr. Maryam Al-Matrooshi obtained a certificate of “radiological diagnosis” from Vienna
In the European Board of Radiological Diagnostics 2019, as the first female employee at the leadership level
Obtain this accreditation, and pass the residency program in diagnostic radiology
The Dubai Health Authority, Rashid Hospital, Dubai Hospital, and Latifa Hospital
Hosted to present the most prominent anti-smoking research in Dubai Municipality and Defense
Al-Madani in Dubai and the 10 MBC channels, scientific research, and multiple hosts
To provide awareness information in diagnostic and therapeutic radiology in your health program
Secretariat of the Dubai Media Corporation channels.

Dr. Maryam Al Matrooshi actively participates in volunteer work related to the side
The policeman and the humanitarian, where she volunteered in /58/ community volunteer work.

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