Emirati investments in Britain amounted to 14 billion dollars

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received in London yesterday, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, coinciding with the announcement of Emirati investments worth 14 billion dollars in Britain.

The two sides discussed joint strategic cooperation and ways to support it, in addition to a number of regional and global issues and topics.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed stressed that the UAE attaches importance to its relations with Britain, and said that one of the most important aspects of our development projects for the next fifty years is to strengthen development partnerships with various countries of the world, especially with the United Kingdom. The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi also stressed that Britain has historical relations with the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East and strategic interests in it, and its essential role in ensuring security and stability in it and dealing with its problems.

For his part, Johnson stressed that his country pays special attention to developing cooperation relations with the UAE, expressing his thanks and appreciation for the support provided by the UAE and its support for the evacuation of British nationals from Afghanistan, as well as the evacuation of nationals of many countries.

The two parties welcomed the signing of a partnership agreement between Mubadala Investment Company and the British Ministry of International Trade for sovereign investment, between the UAE and the United Kingdom, worth 10 billion pounds ($14 billion).

During the next five years, the sovereign investment partnership between the two countries will focus on pumping major investments in three new sectors, namely technology, infrastructure, and renewable energy, in addition to strengthening the current investment program in the field of life sciences.
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