Emmanuel Macron news: French President shamed for paltry offer of Covid19 vaccines at G7 | World | News

France has offered to donate 30 million coronavirus vaccines, a number that is dwarfed by both the UK and US pledges. Iain Dale told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that the offer from Emmanuel Macron “does not cut it” when compared with other G7 nations.

Mr Dale said: “America has ordered 500 million Pfizer vaccines which I think cost about $18 dollars each. If they had ordered 1.5 billion AstraZeneca vaccines that would have been roughly the same price.

“So they could have actually ordered a lot more but I suppose they have to order the American one.

“Britain has already contributed a huge amount to the Covax scheme.

“I think it is great that Boris Johnson has said another 100 million.

“But it is a massive task, you have France offering 30 million.

“I am sorry but that does not quite cut it, does it?”

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