Emmanuel Macron wants to relaunch the reform

Since the health situation is improving, the president is looking for a way to put the pension reform back in the saddle.

The timing owes nothing to chance. In the aftermath of the electoral derailment received by the presidential majority during the regional election, the idea of ​​relaunching pension reform resurfaces. The debate rages around the President of the Republic pushed by supporters of the reform, Bruno Le Maire in the lead, to accelerate now by pushing the starting age to 64 years.

Emmanuel Macron has been entertaining the idea of ​​relaunching this campaign promise for a long time. Suspended at the start of the health crisis in March 2020 – the transition to a universal regime was voted on at first reading in the Assembly just before the first confinement – the pension reform is the emblem of its reform desire. Since the health situation has improved, he has been looking for a way to put her back in the saddle.

New poker move

At the beginning of June, on the occasion of a trip to the Lot for “Take the pulse of the country”, Emmanuel Macron slips around a walkabout that he is going “Having to make decisions

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