Employees and volunteers of the Russian Red Cross received congratulations from Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the employees, members and volunteers of the public organization Russian Red Cross (RKK) on the 155th anniversary of the organization. The telegram was published on the Kremlin website on Sunday.

“A member of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the Russian Red Cross is rightfully considered the oldest charitable organization in our country, which has always united honest, caring people and throughout its history has firmly followed the principles of humanism, mercy and compassion, enduring moral, universal values” , the telegram says.

The head of state added that the current generation of employees and volunteers of the RKK preserves and develops these traditions, implements large-scale charitable and medical and social programs, and also provides support to victims of humanitarian crises and disasters.

“And of course, I will especially note your highly demanded activities to provide effective, disinterested assistance to internally displaced persons from Ukraine and Donbass. Largely thanks to you and your selflessness, people are provided with food and essential goods, they are provided with psychological assistance and attention, assistance in restoring family ties,” the President summed up, thanking the RKK employees for their honest and conscientious work.

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