ENA, grandeur and decadence, from the Trente Glorieuses to the Trente Piteuses

CHRONICLE – Let’s not judge the ENA on its recruitment, but on its performance. The institution trains administrators who have no advanced skills, neither in law, nor in finance, nor in economics.

According to several media, Emmanuel Macron is preparing to announce this Thursday the abolition of the ENA, the national school of administration. Find the point of view of our columnist published in April 2019.

History is an eternal return. In October 1945, the provisional government of the French Republic of General de Gaulle created by ordinance the National School of Administration, following a mission entrusted to Michel Debré, and at the same time as Social Security! De Gaulle having left power in January 1946, it will be up to the Communist Minister Maurice Thorez to carry the school on the baptismal font.

It was also in the aftermath of a humiliating defeat that “Sciences Po”, as the Free School of Political Sciences was called, had seen the light of day in 1872.


Right or left, everyone wants to go quickly because there is no longer any doubt: upstream of the military defeat of 1940, it was French society as a whole that failed. And especially the elites trained at the Free School of Political Sciences, rue Saint-Guillaume in Paris, in the heart of the very chic Faubourg Saint-Germain. Private school, it will be nationalized

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