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The results achieved so far by the open inquiry to investigate the undemocratic acts organized by followers of President Jair Bolsonaro in April of last year are disappointing.

After more than a year since the president went to the door of the army headquarters to inflame the coup mob, which was calling for the closure of Congress and the Federal Supreme Court, the investigations seem far from a conclusion.

Evidence emerged that the president’s allies were among the organizers and funders of the demonstrations — and even supported the madmen who shortly afterwards used fireworks to try to intimidate the STF.

There was also evidence of involvement of names from the kitchen of the Palácio do Planalto with the wide network of pocketnarista militants who use the internet to spread disinformation, defame authorities and foment discredit in democratic institutions.

Dozens of people, including 11 federal deputies, were searched and interrogated. Several were arrested on a preventive basis, and some are still subject to restrictions so as not to hinder investigations.

Despite all this, the Federal Police says it is incapable of offering a conclusive picture of the links of these groups with the president’s circle and asks for more time to unravel the ties that unite the provocateurs and the sources of funds that sustain them.

The Attorney General’s Office, which requested the opening of the inquiry last year, wants to close the investigations on the congressmen involved and transfer the rest of the case to lower courts of justice.

On Monday (7), with the lifting of the secrecy of the records by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of the process in the STF, it was also possible to verify that the authorities waste time banging their heads instead of cooperating.

The Prosecutor’s Office accuses the PF of shooting at random, abandoning priority lines of investigation to pursue other hypotheses without getting anywhere — but it took itself five months to examine the material collected by the police and arrive at this diagnosis.

Given the alignment of the Attorney General, Augusto Aras, with the interests of Bolsonaro, who is expected to renew his term soon, one wonders if the Attorney General really wants to investigate something or works only to discredit the PF’s work.

It will be up to minister Alexandre de Moraes to decide the future of the inquiry. If it is necessary to recognize which response from the institutions served to contain last year’s authoritarian outbreak, it remains to identify and punish those responsible.

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