English Superliga clubs reach a financial agreement with the English League

The six English clubs that signed up for the failed European Superliga reached a financial agreement with the Premier League, worth more than 25 million euros (R$ 154.2 million), the press said on Wednesday.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham declared themselves founding members of the competition in April, but the controversial project soon clashed with opponents from almost every level of football and society.

As mentioned, the money will be allocated to local and community projects.

Sky News echoed the deal on Wednesday and sources at one of the clubs told the British Press Association that an understanding had been reached. The clubs will be subject to a fine of 28 million euros and a loss of 30 points if they try to form the Superliga again.

The first division of English football investigated the circumstances of the creation of the Superliga. Its CEO, Richard Masters, declared last month that it would be managed “effectively, fairly and properly”.

Last month, UEFA, the governing body of European football, announced sanctions, mainly financial, against 9 of the 12 founding clubs in the project that was eventually dropped.

These nine clubs have agreed to give up 5% of UEFA competition revenues for one season and together pay 15 million euros (US$18 million) to support local and youth football in Europe.

Three clubs (Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus) have not signed this declaration.

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