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The Executive Vice-President at the European Commission could not contain his laughter when asked if the bloc is “missing” the UK during a COP26 panel. Philippa Nuttall from the New Stateman asked: “Laurence Tubiana said this morning the EU is not doing enough at COP and she doesn’t understand why. Are there differences between EU member states that are causing this lack of ambition or are you missing the UK being part of the EU delegation?”

Mr Timmermans was left in stitches at the question, throwing his head back as he laughed before regaining his composure.

The European Commissioner said: “Well, Laurence Tubiana sings the same song at every Cop so I’m not surprised she says this.

“Secondly, she says she doesn’t see it but there are many things in life that perhaps you don’t see that are still happening.

“I am very proud of my team of negotiators who are negotiating on every single subject right now.

“I’m really very proud of all the ministers here, very actively trying to find solutions to all the problems.

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“The European Union, its member states, its Parliament – everyone is very active here to try and bridge difference and find solutions.”

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