Euro 2020 and Copa America viewing parties at bars in the Washington D.C. area

Therein lies the problem: Over the last 14 months, Lusty says, he’s lost most of his bartenders and managers, and Lucky Bar is operating with a skeleton crew. So when it comes to showing games, “we’re going to pick our battles,” Lusty says. That means showing every game on the opening weekend, but only showing afternoon games during the week. “With so few people downtown, I have my doubts” about how turnout will be, Lusty says. More importantly, he’s considering not showing Copa America at all, due to limited hours and staff. “I’m still hopeful we can pull off Copa America,” he says, but given how popular viewing parties have been in the past, “I don’t want to over-promise to those Colombian groups and Peruvian groups.” He advises fans to check Lucky Bar’s website before making plans to watch games there.

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