even Obama is fed up

In an interview with CNN broadcast on Monday, the former US president lambasted the Manichaeism of the “woke” generation and the “cancel culture”.

Faced with journalist Anderson Cooper, Barack Obama was invited to speak for CNN about the political situation in his country, on which he casts a harsh judgment – and worried. While he unsurprisingly imputes, as a priority, to Donald Trump the responsibility for the deterioration of the democratic climate, he also dwelled on the emergence of the “cancel culture»And the radicalization of political correctness, while American universities seem to be surrendered more than ever to this movement which suffocates freedom of opinion and expression on campuses (as evidenced a few days ago by a report from Le Figaro in Georgetown).

First, giving pledges to anti-racist activists by considering that the history of segregation “persists and continues“, The former president then did not mince his words, evoking the”dangers“Of fashion which, according to him, is”to condemn people permanently”, Explaining that he realizes this through the experience of his own daughters, Malia and Sasha, who experience it from the inside out on college campuses. “They realize that it’s going too far“, He comments again, adding that”you cannot require people to be politically correct in all circumstances“. He then distinguished the fight against discrimination, necessary according to him, from permanent victimization, in particular through social networks.

Barack Obama had also pleaded in the past against the Manichean vision of social interactions advocated by the movement “woke“, Explaining during a summit in Chicago that”the world is complex, ambiguous“And deliberately made fun of people who”tweet or throw a hashtag to denounce the use of an inappropriate verb in a sentence, then sit back down and feel proud of them».

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