Even Off-Duty, Navy Never Quits

Rescue workers lift a survivor of the boat accident off Point Loma on Sunday.


San Diego Fire-Rescue/Zuma Press

Nearly 479 years after Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed from Mexico and became the first European explorer to reach what is now California, another expedition from Mexico arrived at almost the exact same spot on Sunday. The consequences of this week’s landing near San Diego were tragic, but would have been much worse if not for two locals who just happened to witness the end of the ocean voyage.

Brittny Mejia reports in the Los Angeles Times that “on Sunday morning it was clear and bright” when hiker Cale Foy “spotted a horrible sight unfolding at the base of the craggy cliffs of Point Loma.” Ms. Mejia adds:

A 40-foot trawler-style boat had crashed into the rocks, spilling men and women and a teenager into the pounding waves and a rip current so strong that it was dragging some farther from shore.

Dave Summers of NBC television station KNSD reports that Mr. Foy “was more than just in the right place at the right time. He was also the right rescue swimmer.” Adds Mr. Summers:

For Foy, a Navy First Class Petty Officer, Sunday’s rescue at sea is what he and his aircrew team practice daily. But when duty called, Foy was in Point Loma on his usual Sunday trail walk with his wife and kids…

“At that point, I took everything I had that I didn’t want to get wet, gave it to my wife and said ‘I love you and I will be right back,’” Foy said.

On his way to the water, Foy said he was joined by a man enrolled in Navy SEAL training.

He seems ready to become more than a trainee. Reports Mr. Summers:

In the 60-degree water, the men swam around debris and plowed through 5- to 6-foot surf. They rested on what appeared to be the top of the boat’s cabin, where they caught their breath and came up with a game plan. The floating debris, they decided, would be their “casualty collection point.”

In normal circumstances, Foy would be in a helicopter, able to see everything from above, able to execute the rescue with the proper gear. This time, he got help from a man standing on the rocks, who pointed them to the passengers.

Foy and the other man took six people, both conscious and unconscious, to the debris, where they could cling for life until they could be rescued.

Ms. Mejia notes in the Times:

Out of the 32 people on the boat, 29 survived. Seven were rescued from the water, six of them from floating debris where Foy and another man had left them. Another was hoisted up a cliff. Three people died, a man and two women, who were 35 and 41 years old.

All but two of the people onboard were Mexican nationals, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. One of the individuals was from Guatemala and the other, the captain of the boat, was a U.S. citizen taken into Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.

Aside from the suspected smuggler, there was an unaccompanied 15-year-old boy, along with 21 men and six women ages 18 to 39.


‘Dark Money’ Begins with ‘D’

The “Swiss billionaire

Hansjörg Wyss

has quietly become one of the most important donors to left-leaning advocacy groups and an increasingly influential force among Democrats,” writes

Kenneth Vogel

in the New York Times.

While Democrats have been deriding the conservative nonprofits that operate outside of formal political campaigns, Mr. Vogel reports that such groups on the left have enjoyed a massive money advantage. “Democratic donors and operatives increasingly made use of dark money. During the 2020 election cycle, groups aligned with Democrats spent more than $514 million in such funds, compared to about $200 million spent by groups aligned with Republicans, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.”


The Creed of the Clown

Mitti Hicks of Fox television station KMSP in Minneapolis reports:

The community of Annandale, Minnesota issued a warning about clown sightings, leaving some residents unnerved.

“It’s just weird. It’s not a normal thing you see around town,” said Katie Daniels, owner of Billy D’s Crooked Tavern in Annandale…

For residents like Katie, they’re wondering about the clown’s intentions. ..However, others in the small town believe the person is out to lighten the mood after a tough year…

Meanwhile, up the road in Maple Lake is a big player in the professional clown industry.

Tricia Manuel toured with the Ringling Brothers, the biggest circus in the country. She’s concerned the person posing as a clown is taking away from their true meaning.

“Real clowns, true clowns are just people who want to bring joy to other people,” she said… “People who like to dress up like a clown and scare people, that is totally against the creed of what real clowns do…”


Reader Mail

A reader offers the constructive criticism that in lauding football star Justin Fields, your humble correspondent recently understated Mr. Fields’s public service. “This story actually gets better. Much, much better,” says the loyal reader, who directs us to Joey Kaufman’s report in USA Today:

Former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields said Friday that he was first diagnosed with epilepsy, a neurological disorder that can cause seizures, in the ninth grade, but that it has not limited his career.

“I mean, it’s pretty simple for me to manage it,” he said. “I just have to take three to four pills a night, every night. It’s nothing crazy. It’s a thing that’s been there for the past seven or eight years, so I’m used to it, and I’m just going to continue to deal with it and continue to play the game that I love.”

…The diagnosis became public knowledge last week when it was reported by the NFL Network that he informed teams during pre-draft interviews that he was managing epilepsy…

When asked if he felt comfortable with the sensitive medical information being leaked in a media report, Fields shrugged it off and confessed he wasn’t worried about it.

The reader adds:

As the father of a young woman who has battled (and it is a constant battle) epilepsy for many years, I cannot tell you how happy I am that such a high-profile athlete is willing to educate the public about that condition.

And as a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, I can’t tell you how excited I am to root for this guy, every minute on every Sunday, for a long, long time.

Now if we could just ship Aaron Rodgers to the AFC somewhere…


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